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Changing Times and Changing Minds

The attack in Syria is a topic in which very few people seem to agree. Even those who agree that something needed to be done are not thrilled with the way the attack was carried out. Does this attack fall under the War Time Powers or did President Trump go outside the power of the President? This seems to be more of a matter of an opinion than a matter of fact. The red and blue divide has once again taken over, and it has many politicians on both sides flip-flopping like fish out of water. The Obama administration...

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The Beginning of the End for Career Politicians

The need for fresh faces in American Politics is more evident now than ever.  Our system was not designed for career politicians.  The American populous has seemed to reach their fill of disconnect, between them and their government.  Maybe this is why Congress is polling low, or why organizations, such as Convention of States, have gained widespread attention. “We the people” seems to have transformed to: “We the Washington elite.”  The average citizen is working towards the American dream, while Washington corruption is passing continuing resolutions that cripple the hope of thriving.  The solvency for government is nonexistent, and...

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Top Five Ways to Humanize Yourself in Politics

The political climate in the U.S. is polarized, and this polarization has made it increasingly difficult for college students on the right to express their political belief without a verbal and in some cases physical attack. Name calling and claims of “group think” can box you into a corner and this why you must remain first, a person and an activist, second. It is one of the few things that can level the playing field in an arena that the left dominates. Here are five ways to humanize yourself in a political argument. BE AUTHENTIC  Catchphrases and rehearsed sound...

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Censoring the Speech of the People Who Gave All to Protect it

The NFL has refused to run a one-page advertisement in the Super Bowl program that simply reads “Please Stand.” The ad was provided by the American Veterans (AMVETS), who were asked by the NFL if they would like to give another ad that met the NFL’s liking AMVETS did not resubmit the ad. The ad was a picture of three soldiers holding the American flag with the words “Please Stand.” The ad was not provocative, nor was it anti-NFL. It was simply veterans using their free speech to ask the men and women to please stand and honor our flag...

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Article V and the Convention of States

Our government has never been larger, more intrusive, controlling, and more costly.  Individual responsibility and State rights are impacted by the federal government’s reach. It’s a government that is simply is too big, and the Consitution has a way to solve it. The founding fathers had an intense fear of tyranny and didn’t want a strong overbearing government. Nothing reflects this fact more than their adoption of Article V of the US Constitution. Article V – United States Constitution The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application...

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Welcome from Reed Ferguson

iVoteAmerica Reed FergusonGreetings from iVoteAmerica!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our amazing new media network dedicated to identifying principled conservatives running for elected office nation-wide.

Explore your opportunities with iVoteAmerica and get involved. Stake a claim to your state or ask us about a leadership, press or editorial role.

– Reed Ferguson. VP

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