It is clear that our 2nd amendment rights are under attack. The divide on this issue seems to increase with each passing day. If this isn’t alarming enough, the next generation is being taught based on facts that are inaccurate and readily available.

Dr. Lott sat down with iVoteAmerica at the NRA’s Annual Meeting in Dallas Texas and explained why this is and how he got involved in changing the status quo.

Dr. Lott was teaching at the Wharton Business school when his student approached him about lecturing on gun control. Lott said: “That forced me to look at the literature more carefully than I had done previously. I was just amazed at how poorly done all of the papers seemed to be that I came across.”

The more he read the more he uncovered that most papers were done with small studies. Lott added, “When you are an academic you do studies because you have a completely new idea or you think you can do a better job.” It was a ladder in Lott’s case and he focused his time and energy on uncovering the facts.

The facts that he uncovered gave him a new philosophy altogether. ” Oh, Yeah. This changed my philosophy. My views have changed a lot over the time. As I began to do research and realized how much misinformation there is.”  The United States ranks pretty high on in terms of firearm violence, but many countries don’t report homicide data. This makes the data incredibly misleading. Lott says that “If you look across all of the developed counties what you find is that countries with the highest gun ownership rates actually have relatively low homicide rates. but a lot of people selectively pick certain counties to make a comparison with.”

Dr. Lott has written nine books including a book entitled “The War on Guns.”

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