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Welcome Message from the iVoteAmerica Founder

Dear Americans,

iVoreAmerica Donald TeelThis effort actually began in 2006, but I, like a lot of us, was busy with family, work and the pursuit of the American dream. After initially launching, I made a few posts, gained a few subscribers and finally, just let the work lie dormant.

My apathy got the better of me, to the degree that I apologized to my daughter and renewed my commitment to America.

Then came the election of 2008. The message was “Hope and Change” and our new President promised to “transform” America.

Little did I know… little did America know what change really meant and how far the nation would be plunged into chaos.

In just 7 short years we have seen just about every American commitment challenged, modified, compromised and negated. Like a lot of Americans, the only truly conservative President I have ever known in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan. So much has happened since his presidency.

After a lot of work and commitment, I relaunched iVoteAmerica and, and, and, and… well, you get the idea!

It will be impossible for me to make this National Network work without enlisting the support of other Americans who recognize the call to change the trajectory of America and return the nation to its conservative foundations.

Please help in any way you can.

Your fellow patriot,
Donald Teel, CEO-Founder & Editor

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