Few things are as demanding and painful than admitting my faults, especially to my daughter.

After all, a father supposed to be some sort of hero to his daughter. A father is someone to whom a daughter can look for a sense of immediate security and future stability.

To us at iVoteAmerica, and of course to me, the national decline and chaos are not in its nucleus about government slippage. Rather, it is about the loss of our grip on right versus wrong. Okay, let me say it, we have a moral crisis of value confronting us.

America’s financial and cultural tailspin is not attributable to our racial, financial, geopolitical, geographic and value debates. Instead, these are symptoms, not the diseases.

Saying, “I’m sorry,” to my daughter for being devoid of political involvement was cathartic. The confession has started the process of purging my nearly lifelong indifference to protecting America. More importantly, the discussions about America, its culture, traditions, place in the world and its value to my daughter’s future are now a new reality in our relationship.

My daughter and I are now talking about immigration, the national debt, health care, race, gender, family, the constitution and all of the other hot-button issues.

NOTE: This image used here is not an actual picture of my daughter.