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iVoteAmerica Wallenda Feet on High Wire

Comey’s Tight Wire Circus Act

James Comey was once the trusted darling of Republicans and Democrats. Comey enjoyed a reputation of neutrality, sensibility and a trustworthy, unbiased application of the law. But someone derailed Comey’s once stable train. Her name was Hillary “Home Server” Clinton. We know the story, and many of us watched Comey’s initial tight wire circus act […]

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iVoteAmerica Rand Paul

iVoteAmerica’s Infatuation with Rand Paul

Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky, is an increasingly reliable voice for Constitutional Conservatism. iVoteAmerica has become infatuated with Rand Paul. His positions on liberty, capitalism, personal property rights and the ever increasing intrusion of big government into state’s rights are as close to 100% conservative as humanly possible. On the Subject of Security and […]

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iVoteAmerica Charlie Kirk TPUSA Founder

Who is this Man and what does He Want?

Charlie Kirk is climbing a mountain with a lot of slippery slopes, crevices, and potential avalanches. Who is Charlie Kirk and what does he want? Kirk is the visionary Founder of Turning Point USA, a campus centered 501 (c) 3, organized June 5, 2012. Meet Charlie Kirk – a Baby Faced Warrior Like all visionaries, […]

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iVoteAmerica Donald Trump Wisconsin

Five Reasons for More Trump Trouble

By way of disclosure, iVoteAmerica did not endorse Donald Trump for President. Having cleared the deck on the endorsement issue, we do want to see his Administration succeed. Nearly all of President Trump’s actions since taking office have been conservative and dare I say, Constitutional. iVoteAmerica remains uncertain about the President, and I believe there […]

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iVoteAmerica Merchants of Addition

Merchants of Addiction – Reliance as a Tool of Tyranny

Syndicated from Liberty Pamplets® Beginning with Jamestown (circa 1607), America life has been organized around and dependent upon the notion of rigorous self-reliance. There wasn’t much choice for the early patriots. After all, living life for survival was paramount. Since the liberalization of law and social norms, America’s long slide toward tyranny has been fueled […]

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iVoteAmerica Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Gorsuch – Trump Change Mandate

Neil Gorsuch and Donald Trump are sharing the same business model and exercising the electorates call for change. While Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) fumbled through empty attempts to impune Judge Gorsuch as an “originalist” their real fear is the impending transformation of the Supreme Court of the United States. The Historical […]

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iVoteAmerica - Reed Ferguson

The Reed Ferguson Interview

Reed Ferguson’s PowerPoint presentation The Moral Argument for Capitalism caught our attention. In fact, it slapped me with truth and relevance. Her message about the superiority of liberty and capitalism over socialism was loaded with exceptional contemporary relevance. Although our progressive culture will not admit or recognize the growing conservative groundswell among millennials, it’s happening. […]

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iVoteAmerica Mike Pence Photo by Gage Skidmore

Mike Pence in the Seat of Power

Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s greatest asset with conservatives. As conservatives continued to express concerned about the shape and nature of the President Trump’s Cabinet, he listened and acted. iVoteAmerica applauds the so-called “demotion” of Gov. Chris Christie as the head of Trump’s transition team. Christie is a moderate Republican governor with a failed track […]

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