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iVoteAmerica - Reed Ferguson

The Reed Ferguson Interview

Reed Ferguson’s PowerPoint presentation The Moral Argument for Capitalism caught our attention. In fact, it slapped me with truth and relevance. Her message about the superiority of liberty and capitalism over socialism was loaded with exceptional contemporary relevance. Although our progressive culture will not admit or recognize the growing conservative groundswell among millennials, it’s happening. […]

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iVoteAmerica Mike Pence Photo by Gage Skidmore

Mike Pence in the Seat of Power

Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s greatest asset with conservatives. As conservatives continued to express concerned about the shape and nature of the President Trump’s Cabinet, he listened and acted. iVoteAmerica applauds the so-called “demotion” of Gov. Chris Christie as the head of Trump’s transition team. Christie is a moderate Republican governor with a failed track […]

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iVoteAmerica Rate Increase Letter Blue Cross GA

Obamacare – Treachery and Temptation

Americans finally understand the treacherous nature of Washington, DC. It takes a lot to shove us into a corner, but once it happens we come out swinging. Ours is an economic existence under siege by Obamacare. As the financial shoe drops in the form of premiums and deductibles, the electorate is discovering how devastating the […]

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iVoteAmerica Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell

5 Reasons the Election Settles Nothing

Trump versus Clinton, 2016, settles nothing. This election is fraught with public anxiety and concerns over the future effectiveness of each candidate. At its core, the election angst is about our collective despair over the unsolved issues facing America and the lack of performance from Washington. We have no real assurance or evidence that the […]

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iVoteAmerica Hillary Clinton Tyranny - photo gage skidmore

Tyranny Comes to America

Tyranny has arrived. It has come to America in the form of multi-layered political corruption. We are about to experience what could be the final massive mudslide into a dark abyss where we will find ourselves devoid of our natural rights and liberties. This tyrannical battle is not a war on ISIS (important as that […]

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iVoteAmerica Check Mark Logo 200

iVoteAmerica Turns its Sites Over to Patriots

It’s time for iVoteAmerica to move forward. iVoteAmerica is an online conservative news media network located in Arizona. I am announcing today, October 3, 2016, that I am ready to start turning our state websites over to conservative patriots who share our vision to rebuild conservatism. The turn-over will be state-by-state. CLAIM YOUR STATE By […]

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