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Make America Pro-Life Again

The battle for life seems to be reaching its peak.  While states like New York and Virginia have become champions for  pro-choice advocates. Many states like Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama and most recently Missouri have made waves for becoming pro-life states.

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Toward Judicial Tyranny

Heretofore, the fundamental precepts required for the rule of law were those bedrock values associated with America’s widespread cultural acceptance of rudimentary Judeo-Christian writ.

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Who Are the Values Voters?

There are voters, to be sure. Then, there are values voters. The later falling largely into the early 1980’s movement among Evangelical Christians to assure that America did not forfeit its Judeo-Christian heritage.

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Levin Delivers, Again

If it's Sunday, it's no longer Meet the Press, it's Life, Liberty & Levin. Capturing the 10 pm Sunday evening time slot on Fox News, LL&L is filling the programming gap for conservatives who have been hungering for in-depth, unemotional analysis of current...

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The Flip Side of the Feminist Movement

Women are under attack. Right? The left has been telling women this for years. The problem is this is not only false but should be an indication of how much the left has lost touch with reality. Women are thriving in the United States, but instead of celebrating the...

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Kyle Kashuv Interview

John: Kyle, tell me why you’re here at the NRA convention and why the NRA is important.

Kyle: It’s honestly an amazing experience. I have never been to a gun convention before, but I am very I happy I went to one. I got to see the president and the VP speak.

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Changing Times and Changing Minds

The attack in Syria is a topic in which very few people seem to agree. Even those who agree that something needed to be done are not thrilled with the way the attack was carried out. Does this attack fall under the War Time Powers or did President Trump go outside the...

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