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Hannity: the GOP’s Stubborn and Stupid Game

Hannity is a gunslinger for conservative truth. He is fearless when exposing the sins of the Republican Party. For that, ...
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iVoteAmerica Dan Rather YouTube

Hypocrite Dan Rather Spews on Trump

Dan Rather is a certified liar, international news phony and one of the most renown hypocrites in the history of ...
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Outlawing Truck Ownership in America

This past week, another senseless mass killing occurred in Nice, France. Our prayers go out to the victims of this ...
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Media Uses Violence to Push Gun Control

Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's buddy from Chicago and his inside White House manipulator-extraordinaire, once stated '“Never let a serious crisis ...
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Why iVoteAmerica Loves Ben Shapiro

Watching Megyn Kelly, host of The Kelly File, is often a futile mashup of confusing, quasi conservative and liberal viewpoints ...
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iVoteAmerica Donald Trump

Trump must Pivot to Conservatives

There are still questions for the Republican Party's presumptive nominee for President. Conservatives are wondering if and how Donald Trump ...
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