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The Next Generation of Conservatives®

A Moral Argument for Capitalism - by Reed Ferguson... read the interview


Gen X · Gen Y · Millennials

iVoteAmerica Boomers Gen X Gen Y Gen Millenials

The Next Generation of Conservatives that need to unite to stem the tide of an over-intrusive government are the Baby Boomers, Generation X & Y and of course, Millennials. We will soon be facing $20 trillion in debt not counting the unpaid liabilities. Boomers are retiring, Gen Xers, Yers and Millennials are going to be hammered by the Federal government to support the growing deficits. Now is the time to stop the growth of government, its debt and control our futures.

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Constitutional Conservatives

iVoteAmerica Constitutional Conservatives

We have been running on the misleading messages of a liberal culture that has cast it's hypnotic spell over us, creating a populace that is more concerned about being politically correct than in the rule of law. For many of us, we have simply abandoned any thought of what our constitution means and how the application of its principals are the only means to holding big brother accountable. Our current President continues to challenge the constitution with self-generated edicts.

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Radically Committed Voters

iVoteAmerica Radical Voters

The iVoteAmerica National Network is calling on the Next Generation of Conservatives to become radically committed voters who seek, identify and elect constitutional conservatives who are committed to shrinking the size of government, reducing spending and reforming the over-reach of regulation. Voters must be dedicated to expunging the career politicians from the halls of government. Our time is act is running out as Washington grabs more power and takes liberty from us.

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iVoteAmerica Reince Priebus Photo by Gage Skidmore

Reince Priebus Trump’s Chief of Staff

Reince Priebus is officially Donald Trumps's Chief of Staff. The official announcement came on Sunday, November 13, 2016. The Trump office also announced Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist and Senior Advisor. The go-forward plan to ...
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iVoteAmerica Rate Increase Letter Blue Cross GA

Obamacare – Treachery and Temptation

Americans finally understand the treacherous nature of Washington, DC. It takes a lot to shove us into a corner, but once it happens we come out swinging. Ours is an economic existence under siege by ...
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iVoteAmerica Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell

5 Reasons the Election Settles Nothing

Trump versus Clinton, 2016, settles nothing. This election is fraught with public anxiety and concerns over the future effectiveness of each candidate. At its core, the election angst is about our collective despair over the ...
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iVoteAmerica Check Mark Logo 200

iVoteAmerica Turns its Sites Over to Patriots

It's time for iVoteAmerica to move forward. iVoteAmerica is an online conservative news media network located in Arizona. I am announcing today, October 3, 2016, that I am ready to start turning our state websites ...
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iVoteAmerica Chris Wallace

Wallace, Trump, Taxes and the Left’s Hypocrisy

The media, following the lead of the New York Times, has a new campaign storyline... Trump's taxes. Armed with the 1% narrative, the left has accused Trump of taking a $916 million loss on his ...
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sean hannity photo

Hannity: the GOP’s Stubborn and Stupid Game

Hannity is a gunslinger for conservative truth. He is fearless when exposing the sins of the Republican Party. For that, we are grateful. Long ago fed up with the GOP's deceptive practices and campaign lies, ...
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iVoteAmerica Dan Rather YouTube

Hypocrite Dan Rather Spews on Trump

Dan Rather is a certified liar, international news phony and one of the most renown hypocrites in the history of journalism. While the Anchor at CBS News, Rather, in a 1988 on-air interview, side-swiped Bush ...
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iVoteAmerica John Kasich

Governor John Kasich is Gutted and Ripped by Jake Tapper

Governor John Kasich was gutted and ripped open by Jake Tapper, host of CNN's State of the Union program. On Sunday, August 7, 2016, Tapper opened up the incongruous inner world of John Kasich. When ...
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