The battle for life seems to be reaching its peak.  While states like New York and Virginia have become champions for  pro-choice advocates. Many states like Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama and most recently Missouri have made waves for becoming pro-life states. The momentum seems to be on the side of the pro-life movement. States like Tennessee and Michigan are still actively fighting to get heartbeat legislation across the finish line.

Twitter Hashtags showed trending #rowevwade #alabamaabortionban among others.

One thing is for sure people are looking at the courts now more than ever. The 6th circuit court is one that is drawing a lot of attention as two of the four states have already passed heartbeat legislation. Tennessee’s heartbeat bill has been passed by the house and has support from the governor. The senate sent the bill to summer study, but supporters seem hopefully that it will make it. Likewise Michigan has been rallying support on the grassroots level with rallies and events spurring the movement forward.

The Trump administration has been pushing forward on the pro-life cause it has dedicated itself to. Both President and Vice President speaking the the March for Life in D.C. and at the 2018 State of the Union address President Trump once again speaking for life.