Women are under attack. Right? The left has been telling women this for years. The problem is this is not only false but should be an indication of how much the left has lost touch with reality. Women are thriving in the United States, but instead of celebrating the success of all women. The left has begun to attack women so that they can keep saying that women are under attack. Don’t believe me?

The left values the narrative of identity politics. It has and will always be politics over people. Therefore whoever goes against their narrative, goes against their politics and must be taken down at all cost. Nothing proves this point more than the women in and around the Trump administration.

First Daughter Ivanka isn’t qualified and wears the wrong things. Although she was very successful in the fashion industry and in business prior to her father’s election. First Lady Melania who should be the poster child for immigration is constantly being put down for her accent.

The family, which, in a perfect world would be off-limits for attacks are not the only ones taking the brunt of the attacks. Sarah Sanders has taken more than her fair share of hits by the self-proclaimed feminists. Adding to the growing list is Kelly Ann Conway and Mercedes Schlapp who has also been attacked because of who they are in the conservative moment.

This is why one should not be surprised that the new CIA director Gina Haspel is receiving attacks from feminists. If the hypocrisy of feminists attacking the first female CIA director isn’t enough for you. Let’s not forget who is their champion leaders are.

Linda Sarsour, who openly advocates for Sharia Law, is somehow also an advocate for the feminist ideals. After all, she was one of the leaders behind the women’s march. Let’s not forget about former First Lady Hillary Clinton who in an attempt to stay relevant has blamed everyone including women for her loss. After all, we can’t choose who we vote for. Men tell us who to vote for and we submit to their choices without a second thought.

The truth is the left needs feminism in their identity politics. Therefore they must try to suppress all women and attack all those who are successful on their own merit. Its the only way for them to keep this subsect of society firmly in their control.