The need for fresh faces in American Politics is more evident now than ever.  Our system was not designed for career politicians.  The American populous has seemed to reach their fill of disconnect, between them and their government.  Maybe this is why Congress is polling low, or why organizations, such as Convention of States, have gained widespread attention.

“We the people” seems to have transformed to: “We the Washington elite.”  The average citizen is working towards the American dream, while Washington corruption is passing continuing resolutions that cripple the hope of thriving.  The solvency for government is nonexistent, and they create more problems than solutions. How can we elect the same people over and over again, and expect a different result?  We can’t.

Politicians are always looking towards re-election, instead of focusing on the job they were elected for, leaving empty promises.  Meanwhile, they keep going back to their districts regurgitating sound bites like the ghost of elections passed.  They claim victory making even the smallest accomplishments larger than life, and we deserve better.

This midterm election cycle for many districts, across the country, is a cry for change.  A change beyond swapping a Republican politician for a Democrat; rather, new names and faces all together.  Common sense conservatives listen more than they talk and think for themselves,  rather than follow business as usual.

It is up to this next generation of politicians to follow the will of the people, not the will of the elite.  Civil service is to be a sacrifice, not a power play.  Many challengers across the nation, have signed to only run for a set number of terms, understanding the need to end the career politicians in Washington.  This next generation starts now, with this election cycle.