The attack in Syria is a topic in which very few people seem to agree. Even those who agree that something needed to be done are not thrilled with the way the attack was carried out.

Does this attack fall under the War Time Powers or did President Trump go outside the power of the President? This seems to be more of a matter of an opinion than a matter of fact. The red and blue divide has once again taken over, and it has many politicians on both sides flip-flopping like fish out of water.

The Obama administration made a similar attack in Libya and was met with congressional pressure from the right and even some on the left. In fact, President Obama was the recipient of a bi-partisan letter denouncing his unilateral actions. Download the letter to President Obama here.

Likewise, with respect to the attack on Syria, President Trump was written a similar letter to that sent to former President Obama. The major difference in these two letters is those who attached their names as signatories. Click here to download the letter sent to President Trump.

Is this really what our nation has come to on matters of foreign policy? Bypassing Congress is not supposed to be a right of passage bestowed upon a newly elected President. Congress signing a letter isn’t stopping the actions. So why take the time to write it? Is it so that they can go back to their district and be called the champion of the constitution, or is it even worse are they just playing to their side. The game of politics does not have America coming out as the victor.

Congress’s lack of objectivity when their party isn’t in control of the Executive Branch is horrifying. The Constitution should be upheld and respected by both parties at all times, not just when it fits a particular narrative. Our members of Congress take an oath of office saying that they will uphold the Constitution. It does not say uphold the Consitution when it is convenient or when it suits your agenda.

Whether a politician agrees or disagrees with the attack in Syria by President Trump, or how the attack was carried out with congressional approval, just be consistent and not a party puppet.