Tax Reform is Truly a Significant Accomplish for POTUS.

Congress Working with this President Signals Change

The liberal media has spent 11 months berating President Donald Trump for his legislative failures.

Several bites at the health care apple seemed to reinforce the notion that POTUS could not mount a successful legislative track record despite his control of all three branches of government.

A GOP controlled Congress finally delivered Donald Trump a big win by the passage of what promises to be the largest tax reform bill in 40 years.

This is one of the most important pieces of legislation we have passed in decades. – Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House.

It appears to me that we have not only witnessed a major legislative victory but a shift in the attitude of Congress and its support of the President. This shift may prove as significant as the tax bill itself. Suddenly, we are catching a glimpse of unity between Congress and the Executive. Odd, striking and in some ways, beautiful.

Donald Trump will sign the new tax reform bill into law but likely NOT before Christmas, as promised. His promises are his yardstick for measuring his success with the electorate.

Kept promises are rare with seasoned politicians whose time in Washington serve as a training academy for mastering double speak and avoidance. The President’s emphasis on keeping his campaign promises is sending shockwaves through the bureaucracy. Signing the bill later than hoped is not a big setback to the President…better late than not at all.

Does this legislative success empower the President for more victories? Has Majority Leader, McConnell, and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, been baptized into the waters of  Trump’s populism and have they ended the attitude battles that have characterized the first year of Trump’s Presidency?

Washington’s holy trinity for change is in fact, the President, the Majority Leader and the Speake of the House. The quality of this triune relationship is critical if Donald Trump wants to create more sustainable, historic change.

Now we wait to see if the leaders of the Senate and House can work with the President on immigration, the border wall, budget, the deficit, and the ever-present call for the full repeal of Obamacare.

President Donald Trump has the first transformative legislative win of his Presidency. Let’s see if it transforms the relationship between Congress and the Executive.