Two members of the Texas state house rumbled over the State’s new legislation designed to ban public officials from supporting sanctuary cities.

The new state law banning sanctuary cities was scheduled for a legislative session and it turned into a soft brawl after protesters began to disrupt the showed up to voice opposition.

Republican State Rep. Matt Rinaldi and Democratic Rep. Poncho Nevarez, following on the heels of Greg Gianforte’s Montana body-slamming incident, engaged in a personal shoving match that also included an unsubstantiated statement “I’ll put a bullet in your head,” from Renaldi.

Republican State Rep. Matt Rinaldi reportedly threatened to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement on the protesters, some of whom carried signs and admitted they were illegal immigrants.

Democratic Rep. Poncho Nevárez and other Hispanic lawmakers have been outraged over what they believe is discriminatory, anti-immigrant attitudes expressed in the legislation.

It is reported, and video confirms, that Nevarez and Rinaldi engaged in a shoving and shouting match that brought lawmakers together in what looked like a Rugby match.

According to eyewitnesses, Rinaldi said someone threatened to “come get” him. Ronaldi was reportedly heard by witnesses saying, “I’ll put a bullet in your head,” to someone on the Democrat side, allegedly Democrat Poncho Nevarez.

Behind the shoving and shouting match, is a piece of legislation that will ban, as in make it a crime, sanctuary cities in Texas.

Protesters of the legislation gathered at the statehouse to express their opposition. Some of the protesters were reportedly labeled illegals and rumor has it that Matt Rinaldi claimed to have called ICE to have the illegal aliens removed. ICE never showed up, protesters were removed and the legislators calmed down.

Governor Greg Abbott signed the legislation into law, making Texas the state with the toughest anti-sanctuary city laws in the nation. Public officials, such as Mayors, law enforcement personnel and other state employees will now be prohibited from acting in concert with or supporting sanctuary cities in Texas.