Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky, is an increasingly reliable voice for Constitutional Conservatism.

iVoteAmerica has become infatuated with Rand Paul. His positions on liberty, capitalism, personal property rights and the ever increasing intrusion of big government into state’s rights are as close to 100% conservative as humanly possible.

On the Subject of Security and Nation Building

While conservatives (the real ones) believe in a strong national defense, nation building remains taboo to us. Unlike some of his colleague in the Senate and House, Paul has a traditionally conservative bias against international incursions.

Nation building is one of the cardinal sins, repeated over time by misled hawks, posing as conservatives. Since Vietnam, Korea and most recently, the Middle East, America’s loss of life and treasure is astounding.

While some construe Paul’s foreign policy and anti-intrusion positions as weak, characterizing him as an isolationist, I find these positions refreshing.

Paul undoubtedly believes that American can and must defend itself as a sovereign nation. The notion of transforming non-compliant nations into western style democracies is foolish, costly and counter-productive to national strength.

Consistency on Policy Positions

While many in Congress vacillate, modify and evolve on important policy positions, Senator Paul remains stalwart.

His open opposition to government healthcare has been consistent. His dedication to legislative transparency was on display when he went hunting for a copy of the “American Health Care Act” only to find it was behind locked doors. He made his point… our government is not transparent, but secretive, slick and manipulative.

Spying on Americans under the guise of national security is a burr under Paul’s saddle. Privacy is sacred to Rand Paul and to all true Constitutional Conservatives. His position on personal privacy has been reinforced of late as we have seen the introduction of Big Brother’s newest euphemism “incidental collection” as a mechanism for intrusion (aka, spying).

Reducing spending, budget constraints, neutrality on personal preferences, the first, second, fourth and tenth amendments coupled together with a clarion call for the reduction of the size and reach of the federal government are Paul’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner (snacks included).

Unlike many of his contemporaries, we do not see the evolution of Senator Rand Paul. He rides the same constitutional train to work every day, stopping at the same government stations to rebuke the policies of an out of control, bloated, liberty stealing government.

I could not make it more simple…this is why iVoteAmerica is infatuated with Senator Rand Paul.