James Comey was once the trusted darling of Republicans and Democrats.

Comey enjoyed a reputation of neutrality, sensibility and a trustworthy, unbiased application of the law.

But someone or something derailed Comey’s once stable act. Her name was Hillary “Home Server” Clinton.

We know the story, and many of us watched Comey’s initial tight wire circus act as he described the serious legal transgressions of HRC, only to suddenly roll over, declaring that her transgressions would not, could not, be prosecuted by any reasonable prosecutor. We gasped.

Then, with even more shock and awe, just prior to the General Election James “Wallenda” Comey took his act back on the road with a sudden announcement that Hillary Clinton was under investigation again because of information found on the laptop of one Anthony Weiner.

This one event put James Comey on a circus tight wire and like the Wallenda high wire act, balance became elusive to the once stalwart FBI Director.

Comey’s recent testimony before the House Intelligence Committee demonstrated his ability to defy gravity. There were dozens of “decline” to answer statement flowing from the Director’s mouth. His testimony was riddled with emotion, animation, and defensive rhetoric.

He claimed to be forced to choose between “concealment” and “disclosure” of the thousands of emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

After hours of Q and A that would have made Napoleon Bonaparte blush, the Senate and the American people were left with one certain fact; James Comey was a very confused Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We now know Director Comey. We are aware of his need for an audience where his sense of self-importance can be display. We see clearly his small, trite personality bundled up in his six=foot, eight-inch body.

It appears that the only difference between FBI Director James Comey and Napoleon Bonaparte is 12 inches in height.

It appears, as the saying goes, “After all is said and done, more will be said than done.”

In the end, POTUS wasn’t buying Comey’s tight wire circus act. It was, to President Trump, just another self-perpetuated government illusion. A game of smoke and mirrors, of cat and mouse.

Like most circus acts, there is a lot of misdirection, high wire performances, dancing bears, crowds gasping, and clowns. Well, you get my point.

POTUS then fired Comey, unceremoniously, and in another demonstration of defective message management.

Now, we conservatives are gazing into a fogged up mirror, wondering how Trump can extricate himself from another bungled action.

The next hearings will involve former Director Comey testifying before the Senate. There will be some rumor, innuendo, lies, exaggerations, distortions, leaks, finger-pointing and some truth.

What Americans want is justice.