We refer to those who paid the ultimate price as, “The Greatest Generation.” They were and are and shall forever be.

Tom Brokaw made the reference famous by authoring a best-seller by the same name. But who are these people, where did they come from and what shaped them into a generation that would accept the ultimate calling?

These are those men, women, and children whose roots were planted in the Great Depression. The GIs stepped out of that economic battlefield and onto the sands of Africa, an island called Iwo Jima, a beach known as Normandy, the killing camps of Auschwitz and Treblinka and a city called Berlin. These are those that went on to fight and die for America and its sacred value called liberty. A free freedom was foreign the great generation, but not to some of us now.

Post-war, those that returned did so without losing a step. They were a quiet generation that married, raised families and rebuilt the nation’s economy.

Do we understand the character required to accept the ultimate calling? Is America still in possession of the requisite internal values required to die for a cause called liberty?

Since 1945, we have softened, a lot. Passion, greed, and materialism now occupy too much of our time. The notion of a higher calling, much less an ultimate calling, sounds foreign and does not occupy a place of prominence in the contemporary values list. Too many of us have become fattened on the fruit of America, reaping the benefits of position and privilege without necessarily toiling the fields where freedom grows.

Barack Obama is simply a President whose political biases are the reflections of a nation whose core values have slipped. He has transformed the slippage into the language of race, gender, economic inequality… into haves and have-nots. But he is not alone. The notion of the ultimate calling has been replaced by ultimate demands for “rights” to this and that. Everything is a personal right, an entitlement and a demand for compensation for the smallest of irritants.

The Greatest Generation has been replaced by a generation of self-proclaimed victims whose narcissism is fueled by elite politicians who prey on dependence in order to propel and advance themselves into positions of power and prestige.

The ultimate calling is still there and may become more evident as the relationship between liberty and responsibility is eroded, replaced by a sick concept of “self” as the ultimate value system.

God have mercy on America if we are called upon to face a national threat to our sovereignty. Can we accept the ultimate calling?