On December 5th, the Supreme Court heard a special case between a gay couple who wanted to buy a wedding cake from a bakery and the owner of the bakery who said it is against his religious beliefs to bake such a cake. The gay couple is claiming that this is a case of discrimination while the bakery owner is claiming that is it a case about religious freedom. The Supreme Court’s verdict will decide if religious freedom is more important than equality or vice versa.

Lydia Wheeler at The Hill has a good article about the specifics and legality of the case here. However, I will be discussing the moral argument for the case on the side of the baker.

The Case in a Nutshell

The gay couple claims that they were discriminated against, because of their minority status as being gay. Because of this, they sued and want the state to force the baker to bake them a wedding cake, despite his religious beliefs on the issue. This is in spite of the fact that a different bakery offered to make them a rainbow-colored wedding cake out of sympathy for them. However, the couple persisted and filed suit against the Christian baker.

People should take issue with this morally because there are two individuals who are trying to force someone to violate their religious beliefs out of spite that they refused services to them. They want the state to enforce their spite so to step on the beliefs of the baker. This should trouble Americans because some people are willing to trample on religious liberty in favor of enforced equality. This is especially the case when it comes to American Christians.

Mocking a Religious Minority

The American left has taken a very mocking and condescending attitude towards Christians because many of them vote Republican. Yet if this situation was changed so that it was a Muslim baker who refused services to a gay couple, the left would be very open to the idea of religious liberty and toleration. This is true because of the stigmatization on the left to criticize any aspect of Islam at all, even beliefs that are contradictory to leftist values.

Even though the question of religious liberty is a large issue that surrounds this case, there are other things to consider. Does being a minority give one the right to demand labor from someone else? If the Supreme Court votes in favor of the gay couple, then the answer will be yes. Just because one is a minority does not mean they have the right to someone else’s labor. To have that right would be enforced servitude which is a form of slavery. Therefore, what’s really at stake is not just the religious liberty of the bakery owner, but his right to own his labor.

Those Who Have Owe to Those Who Don’t

The political correctness and intersectionality of the left demands that those who have “privilege” owe something to those who don’t, in this case, to a gay couple. Therefore, the baker must provide his labor and services to the gay couple because he can’t possibly understand their hardships. Since he can’t understand their hardships, his right to his own labor is not as valid as the opinion and needs of the gay couple.

This is a very dangerous precedent for the court to set because then it will allow the minority to trample on the rights of the majority. This would cause widespread discrimination against those who the left does not consider a minority.

In the end, this case will be a matter of if religious liberty trumps discrimination laws and does having minority status give one the right to the labor of someone without minority status? The answer should be no and the Supreme Court should recognize these questions.

Religious freedom is a hallmark of American society and to have that squashed because some people feel spite towards it would be a betrayal of the founding ideas of the US. It is very important that the Supreme Court uphold the religious rights of Americans so that they may not just freely exercise religion, but be in charge of their own destiny and labor.

True equality starts with liberty. It was Milton Friedman who said: “The society that puts equality before freedom will end up with neither. The society that puts freedom before equality will end up with a great measure of both.”

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