The perspectives that shroud geopolitical considerations of what the island of Taiwan is are confusing and bottomless. Pundits discuss communist hegemony and Beijing’s encroachment in Taiwan affairs, but all experts fail to understand that the Communist Party has no rights in China, to begin with.

Leftist Beijing enjoys arguing that Taiwan belongs to Communist China. Beijing is quite wrong. The reverse—that China belongs to Taiwan—makes more sense. Now, before you say ‘how can a large thing belong to a small thing?’, watch closely and study the reasons with me.

China should be governed by Taiwan. The sociopolitical, historical, and technical facts all point to this concept—one that effectively means an island gets to rule the mainland. Here are twelve reasons that unveil why China should be absorbed by Taiwan.

  1. The legal Chinese Republican government is headquartered in Taiwan. By contrast, an illegal Chinese Communist government sits in Beijing, in utter contravention of international law.
  2. Taiwan is the refugee home of tens of millions of Chinese people—nearly 100% of its population is bio-racially native Chinese descended from the Nanking Republican age and the Ming Dynasty.
  3. All traditional, noncommunist Chinese state institutions have been relocated to Taiwan and are presently based there. Taiwan is effectively vested with classical Chinese sovereignty and possesses the right to rule China.
  4. The Taiwanese population retains and promotes the use of the traditional Chinese language and writing system, which has been abolished in the Communist mainland under Beijing’s iron-fisted rule. Beijing has thus forfeited any right to China. Only Taiwan has the right to rule China.
  5. Taiwan possesses the successor state mandate to lay claim to Hongkong and Macao. Taiwanese power is derived from the Kuomintang tradition that arose after the abdication of the Manchu Qing Dynasty in 1911. Legally, Hongkong and Macao should have been handed to Taiwan. Furthermore, only Taiwan can lay claim to inland China and all provinces and regions thereof.
  6. Taiwan owns all the major traditional Chinese universities, as well as the national Chinese Academy, and the insignia of classical Chinese Republican nationhood. By contrast, Beijing maintains a mere Soviet experiment and is ultimately not Chinese.
  7. Taiwanese music, culture, dress, cuisine, and literature preserve traditional Chinese norms; in the evacuation from the mainland, Taiwanese museums have succeeded in saving much of Chinese culture from rampant communist destruction.
  8. Taiwan owns the old National Army of China. Meanwhile, Beijing only has a terror-sponsoring People’s Liberation Army created by the Soviets and is responsible for aiding entities such as Pakistan and Arab Palestine.
  9. Taiwan has proven itself with high indices in human development, civic participation, electoral openness, and economic responsibility. Its population is proof of what free Chinese people can achieve outside of Communist control.
  10. During the Cold War, the majority of the world’s nations recognized Taiwan as having rights to China. Taiwan was assigned control of the name “CHINA.” The historical precedent here justifies awarding all of China to the authorities in Taiwan.
  11. Therefore, it logically follows that Taiwan should assume the China UN seat, and represent China at the Security Council.
  12. Taiwan’s largest political party—the Kuomintang—has had over a hundred years of noncommunist experience in Asian governance, including 38 years of government in mainland China. The Kuomintang led China against Sovietization, and against the Axis as well. Kuomintang expertise positions Taiwan as the best and only candidate for sovereign power over all of China.


[CREDIT: photo by Henry & Company – Unsplash – Modified by iVoteAmerica]

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