iVoteAmerica Cameron Teel 150My gut was sending me signals of apprehension.

What in the world, I thought, is the Young Women’s Leadership Summit (“YWLS”). All I knew was it had something to do with young women and politics.

Admittedly, my attendance was my father’s idea, with my consent. As the Founder and Editor of iVoteAmerica, he watches all the political organizations and news reports. He’s in the know, I suppose.

Off I went to Dallas, Texas, parents in tow! What happened next created a shift in my personal political axis.

The enormity of the event was staggering with nearly 1,000 high school and college girls gathering at the Hyatt in Dallas, TX to talk about America, politics, freedom, leadership and how to live as a Conservative young woman in today’s hostile world.

Girls from CA, KS and AZ

Networking was a necessity, built into the YWLS agenda. I wanted to meet new people, explore some friendships and see if I could expand my circles of influence.

The YWLS begins with a meet-and-greet. My parents turned me loose…I was glad to see them disappear!

From that event through the end of the Summit, I was able to forge a new relationship with young women from Kansas and California. We decided to hang out and fight for the front-row seats at each General Session.

We have stayed in touch. My California friends texted me about their participation in a pro-life event. Impressive.

My mid-western friends from Kansas have continued to communicate. The girls from CA, KS and AZ are now connected around a common set of beliefs that America is a great country and the values of Liberty and freedom are worth defending.

So Many Speakers Delivering So Many Profound Messages

Admittedly, I was a novice when it came to knowing all the speakers.

My mind was blown…the content was deep, yet practical and the arguments for liberty and conservatism we logical, being based on the provision of the US Constitution.

The confidence of the female speakers reinforced my desire to become the leader I am meant to be. Listening to Carly Fiorina talk about her rise from an office secretary to the head of Hewlett Packard had an authentic tone that was inspirational.

Lora Trump guided us through the details of the Trump campaign, her apprehensions, the ups and downs, warts and all, then she challenged us to do what she did, “take the first step.”

Laura Ingraham was the banquet keynote speaker. Having seen her on television, I was pleasantly surprised at her humble upbringing, her early lessons about hard work, perseverance and challenges.

Then, of course, there was Joe Walsh, whose message of “freedom” confirmed that we are not a nation of Republicans or Democrats, we are a nation of citizens living under the most important document in the world, next to the Bible, the US Constitution.

My Most Meaningful Take-Away

Some advice to Millennials. If you want a safe space where you can wallow in your self-assured, reinforced assumptions, don’t get near a YWLS event.

YWLS is transformational and confrontational. It’s informative and challenges each attendee to consider what it means to be a conservative in today’s very liberal world. At YWLS, leadership is talked about constantly, being a young leader is the overriding theme and priority.

I’m more equipped to address and defend the things I believe and to move toward my college years with confidence.

Being pummeled with so many messages containing so much truth was overwhelming in a very healthy way. AWLS is life-changing…I should know…been there, done it…happily.