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Trump’s Four Pillars of Immigration

With the sole exception of what I will call "Trump’s Four Pillars of Immigration," and his hell-bent determination to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure, all of my conservative colleagues have labeled the 2018 State of the Union speech historic. Mark Levin was...

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Fighting Nukes with Crutches

Which is more powerful, a man on crutches or a man armed with nukes? Who could ignore the power of the visual symbolism of Ji Seong-ho, the North Korean defector holding high the crutches that carried him to freedom? Ji was made a global celebrity during the 2018...

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The Booing & Hissing of America

Each year, the major branches of our government gather together to take stock of themselves and to inform the citizenry of the State of the Union. The Executive Branch of our government is charged with the delivery of an assessment of America's health and to set forth...

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Article V and the Convention of States

Our government has never been larger, more intrusive, controlling, and more costly.  Individual responsibility and State rights are impacted by the federal government's reach. It's a government that is simply is too big, and the Consitution has a way to solve it. The...

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How Should We Then Live: A Pro-Life Tribute

Nearly 40 years have raced by since my first exposure to Roe v. Wade, abortion, and the slaughter of the innocents. In America alone, tens of millions of unborn babies have had their lives snuffed out in the free-fire zone of the womb. Globally, the body count is...

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Who Are the Crazies? 3 Indicators of Psychosis

We've been hearing a lot about the President's purported mental deficiencies. Some are openly questioning his fitness for office. Books are being written and writers are exploiting a "the president is crazy" theory for a place on the best seller list and a chance at...

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Trump Wins More Than Tax Reform

Tax Reform is Truly a Significant Accomplish for POTUS. Congress Working with this President Signals Change The liberal media has spent 11 months berating President Donald Trump for his legislative failures. Several bites at the health care apple seemed to reinforce...

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The World Hates the Jews

"So, is Israel, like, a fake country?" A preposterous question? Or common thought? A few weeks before the drama with the Trump administration formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital broke out, a friend confronted me with this question. It wasn’t meant to be...

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What’s Gone Wrong in America

Those who have watched the nation reel to-and-fro like a sinking ship are asking what's gone wrong in America? The symptoms of our societal disease are hanging out for all to see, including allies and foreign adversaries. Of course, there is no lack of opinion on the...

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