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The Art of the Con

Bernie Madoff will go down in history as a notorious hypocrite and renown con who bilked people out of millions of dollars. Milli Vanilli the German R&B duo was also a con. A magic show might be called a con. We can agree, not all cons are created equal. Let’s...

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iVoteAmerica: PragerU and YouTube

What happens in free society when the opportunity for the expression of ideas in the marketplace of ideas is restricted? More importantly, what happens when the expression of your ideas is restricted? iVoteAmerica believes in the pure right of free speech for all...

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Tariffs: Trump Vs. Friedman

In an economic smackdown, who would trust more, Donald Trump or Milton Friedman. This would be a delightful verbal cage match. In one corner, we have President Donald Trump, a man who likes a good tariff.  His beliefs about tariffs and trade wars are as simple as his...

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Dan Crenshaw Interview

Last week, I interviewed Dan Crenshaw, candidate for Congress from the 2nd District of Texas. iVoteTexas has endorsed Dan Crenshaw for Congress. Here is my interview. By John Douglas, Senior Correspondent - iVoteAmerica. State Editor - iVoteTexas.com John: My first...

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A Boy Remembers Buckley

It was on this date in 2008 that the conservative movement lost its 20th-century champion, William F. Buckley, Jr. I would like to tell you how one boy, now grown, remembers him. From 1967-70 my predictable world was flipped over. The wheels came off America's...

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POTUS’ Statements at CPAC

President Donald Trump is now firmly in control of the Republican Party. His gravitas could not have been more apparent than today at CPAC 2018. Trump, ever the boisterous, anti-politically correct, Twitter-centric, take-no-prisoners leader delivered a litany of...

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5 Reason CPAC Matters

The Conservative Political Action Conference  ("CPAC") is the annual host to the most significant gathering of conservatives, sponsored by the American Conservative Union. CPAC is a Menagerie of the prominent proponents of constitutional conservatism, liberty, and...

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Graham, Gone but Forever with Us

The Reverand Billy Graham is gone. Yet, he remains forever with us, his booming North Carolina voice ringing in our ears and his message of the love and forgiveness of God fills our hearts Each of us has a chain of transformative personalities sprinkled along our...

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Rahm vs. the Car Thieves

Everybody knows Rahm Emanuel. After all, his most famous statement in the history of his political career was made from the White House, where he served as White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Hussein Obama. You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And...

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