Feminists stand for women, right? All women, regardless of that woman’s skin color, country of origin, or even her/his biological sex. However – and remember this because it’s tricky – if you are, in fact, a biological female but you do not agree with the core doctrine of the furthest left wing of the Democratic Party, you aren’t a “real” woman. In fact, you’re anti-woman.

When the Women’s March organized its first protest in Washington, D.C. following President Trump’s inauguration, a pro-life feminist group was ousted from its partnership with the left-wing organization after it received backlash from several leading feminist activists.

In June, the Women’s March Twitter account tweeted: “Healthcare for all. #WhatWomenWantIn4Words. Call your senators! #ShowUsTheBill.”

This summer, the Women’s March was back in the news…because it was taking on the NRA.

This week, they vocalized their support for Net Neutrality, the women’s issue.

Modern feminism is just leftism masquerading as women’s rights. If you don’t support federal funding to the nation’s leading abortion clinic, socialized healthcare, the EPA, a government-regulated Internet, a federally mandated $15 minimum wage, gun control, LGBTQIA (no, I’m not joking) “rights” and hate speech legislation, you hate women. Want proof? Here.

Ah, the beauty of intersectionality!

If you call yourself a feminist but not an “intersectional feminist,” you don’t count. If you don’t call yourself a feminist at all because you believe the third-wave leftist feminists have hijacked the word, you don’t count. If you believe in equality under the law but you hate big government because you view it as the greatest threat to your freedom as a woman, you don’t count. If you think women in the United States of America as of 2017 are among the most privileged people to ever walk the earth, you don’t count.

Just like if you don’t agree with the blatantly Marxist stances posted on the home page of the Black Lives Matter website, you hate black people. (They call themselves “comrades.”) See how easy it is. Suddenly, you’re racist and sexist too.

I stopped calling myself a feminist when I was confronted with the ridiculous, nonsensical theory of intersectionality. I was oh-so intelligently informed that if I called myself a feminist but not an “intersectional feminist,” I was racist. Makes sense, right?

Still think I’m wrong? Ok, feminists, let me ask you this:

If I tell you I believe men and women are equal in inherent God-given value but different in gifts, talents, and basic biology, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I want a gun in my purse because I was once stalked and want to defend myself against biological men twice my size, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I want Planned Parenthood defunded and Cecile Richards indicted, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I want a free-market healthcare system, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I’m fairly libertarian on same-sex marriage but disagree with Obergefell v. Hodges because it was an overreach of the powers of the Court, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I think men and women should be held to at least semi-similar dress codes on the floor of the House of Representatives, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I don’t believe in any minimum wage at all, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I don’t think the United States government, the entity responsible for Medicare, Medicaid and the United States Postal Service, is the only thing capable of preventing the end of the world, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I want an Internet free from government regulation, do I still count as a woman?

If I tell you I hate everything Hillary Clinton stands for and voted for Donald J. Trump (and I’d do the same even if their genders were switched), do I still count as a woman?

My goodness, if I tell you I’m a dreaded…Zionist… do I still count as a woman?

Well, not according to Linda Sarsour.

Feel free to try to convince me feminists still stand for all women, regardless of their political leanings. The “About” pages of the top-rated feminist websites would beg to differ.