Fergie has made headlines this week with her performance of the Star Spangled Banner. To sum up her performance in a couple of words; embarrassing, awful, stomach turning and hilarious. While she got all of the lyrics right, she butchered the melody and try to put her own spin on it. This is incredibly insulting because the song is about the defense of Fort M’Henry during the war of 1812. Many Americans died in this war and the Star Spangled Banner commemorates them.

Celebrities and singers should not put their own spin on America’s national anthem because at that point, the poem is no longer about the brave heroes, but the vocal performance of the singer. Here is the full video.

She starts out the anthem with a nice melody however, by the end of the first line, she is already increasing her pitch to unbearable levels, instead of keeping the low pitch throughout the beginning. However, by the time she gets to the second stanza, she goes completely out of sync with the pace of the melody and doesn’t even pronounce some of the lyrics. By the end of the second line, “At twilight’s last gleaming?” She starts going back into sync, albeit still broken. From there, Fergie continues to mess up the pacing and melody of the anthem.

However, when she gets to the 5th line “And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air” She tries way to hard too make it hers. Instead of slowing rising her pitch to the end of the line, she goes up and down between words and draws some out and not others. By the next line “Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there” she is almost dancing and making throwing motions with her hands while quickly tossing out “Thro’ the night.”

Her worst offense by far though, was at the very beginning of this line “O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave” She almost turns the anthem into a pop song and combines the word “there” with “O say” while going so over the top you can see people in the crowd not be able to hold their laughter in anymore. She finishes the line by extending the word “banner” to have four syllables instead of its regular two and then goes into a very soft low pitch, instead of leaving the line properly so that it can build to the ending.

She ends the anthem with her same antics except you can see on her face that she thinks she just sung her heart out and it was the best performance ever. Here are some of the best responses to Fergie’s performance.