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Fergie Butchers the National Anthem

Fergie has made headlines this week with her performance of the Star Spangled Banner. To sum up her performance in a couple of words; embarrassing, awful, stomach turning and hilarious. While she got all of the lyrics right, she butchered the melody and try to put her own spin on it. This is incredibly insulting because the song is about the defense of Fort M’Henry during the war of 1812. Many Americans died in this war and the Star Spangled Banner commemorates them. Celebrities and singers should not put their own spin on America’s national anthem because at that...

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Remembering Iceland’s Aborted Down Syndrome Population

Last year in August, CBS reported that Iceland had almost eradicated Down syndrome. However, the small country had not eradicated the genetic disorder through a cure or a new treatment. Instead, nearly 100% of women who received a positive prenatal test for down-syndrome terminated their pregnancy. Due to the inaccuracies of some prenatal testing, only an average of one to two babies with Down syndrome are born a year. It is important that the lives of these unborn children are remembered so that they do not slip into obscurity. The right to life is eternal and does not and...

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The Supreme Court Must Side with Religious Freedom in Colorado Bakery Case

On December 5th, the Supreme Court heard a special case between a gay couple who wanted to buy a wedding cake from a bakery and the owner of the bakery who said it is against his religious beliefs to bake such a cake. The gay couple is claiming that this is a case of discrimination while the bakery owner is claiming that is it a case about religious freedom. The Supreme Court’s verdict will decide if religious freedom is more important than equality or vice versa. Lydia Wheeler at The Hill has a good article about the specifics and legality of...

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Welcome from Reed Ferguson

iVoteAmerica Reed FergusonGreetings from iVoteAmerica!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our amazing new media network dedicated to identifying principled conservatives running for elected office nation-wide.

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– Reed Ferguson. VP

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