We’ve been hearing a lot about the President’s purported mental deficiencies. Some are openly questioning his fitness for office. Books are being written and writers are exploiting a “the president is crazy” theory for a place on the best seller list and a chance at some hefty cash flow.

For certain, Washington, DC is a sanitarium, make no mistake about it. It’s a collection of institutions, aka, bureaucracies, made up of thousands of very sick people working in cultures of insecurity and fear.

The most noteworthy psychotics are themselves running the nuthouse and pulling the nation’s levers of power. It’s time to acknowledge the maniacs running the nation are posing a danger to themselves and others.

Madmen (and to be politically correct, “women”), with serious mental disorders, fill the chambers of Congress and we have a President that many of the psycho-residents are now labeling a crazy. Crazy people calling people crazy people.

Personally, I have no way of cutting through the weeds of accusation to determine the true mental health of the President of the United States. I’m not a physician or a trained psychiatrist.

What I can do is articulate what I understand to be the 3 key symptoms of the sheer madness and political psychosis emanating from the sanitarium we call Washington.

1. Hearing Voices and Seeing Things

iVoteAmerica Nancy Pelosi CrazyWe can be certain that self-appointed people do believe they are in charge of us.

They are the “called ones.” These are those we elect who really believe they are empowered by mystical voices and dancing visions.

Most career politicians eventually succumb to the notion that they are somehow gifted elites who alone can fix our problems.

It usually starts with a statement such as,

After a lot of thought and soul-searching, I believe it is my duty and calling to lead the people out of their problems, therefore, I am announcing my candidacy for (such-and-such)

This is the beginning and end point of many who seek high office. After years of seeing things and hearing voices, they become convinced that they are called to save us.

We can’t possibly be trusted to save ourselves. We cannot be left alone to seek our own way, to define our own lives and be free to run the course of life unchecked with the winds of liberty at our backs.

Unlike the vision of the Founders, who envisioned the guiding power of individualism within the heart of every American, today’s career politicians are empowered by an incurable psychosis that they, only they can lead us, feed us, cure us and ultimately save us from the recklessness of personal freedom.

Once elected and sworn in, these creatures we call politicians drift further into the depths of psychosis, the voices become louder and the visions more complex.

The voices and visions of big centralized government tell them to develop complex strategies to map out our lives beginning in the womb, through government-run education, healthcare madness, and confiscatory schemes, ending with one final taxation at death.

The voices and visions of a few sick elites are trying desperately to make the nation a grand house of madness.

I too hear voices and see visions. The voices I hear are are the deep voices stirring within me reminding me that I am “Endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights” and that these endowments are the gift of God and can never be centralized in Washington, DC.

Our heritage and beliefs are not psychotic. They are predicated on the true nature of man, God, and government and the reality that no man or a self-appointed body of mortal men can reduce us to a servants of the State.

2. Cranium Implantation and a Messianic Complex

iVoteAmerica Chuck Schumer CrazyHistorically, all governments when left to their own devices spiral into systems of control, oppression, and tyranny.

Big government makes every attempt to implant into each of us a Manchurian-like device, beliefs, if you will, that it (the government) knows what’s best.

Over time, the Washington Leviathan, through schemes and clever devices, has sought to implant itself into each of our lives, homes, workplaces, schools, banks, hospitals and more. The government is always there! Don’t look right, left or over your shoulder, because the government is going to be there, telling you how to live and what to do.

Ours is a nation now governed by a collective Messiah. Government is a personality and an organism comprised of inter-connected organs, each doing its part to direct the electorate.

It’s all driven by a Messiah complex and fueled by our money. The DC elites extract our money, empower themselves with it and then tell us, repeatedly that only they can save us.

We are faced with two choices. One choice is the popular socialist belief that ONLY the government can redeem us.

Another choice is that we will save ourselves, not in the spiritual sense because that is the work of God alone, but in the sense that we individually know what’s right and what’s wrong. We are not shopping for a government to save us, we want the government to protect our constitutional rights, defend the nation and then, leave us alone.

3. Threats of Violence and Visions of Grandeur

iVoteAmerica Bernie Sanders CrazyLike all elitist political machines, the success of the Washington, DC apparatus is predicated on the old socialist theory known as balkanization.

Big government survives best when it is successful in dividing its citizens into small hostile factions, each competing for limited resources within the collective insane asylum.

Erecting a hierarchy of offended factions creates a climate of violence. Our own government, yes, the United States Government, has been creating a social psychosis based upon progressivism for nearly a century.

Socialism is a mental disorder that feeds on class warfare. Violent extremism arising from the division of the electorate along the lines of age, religion, gender, sexual preference, wealth, race and other factors is the end result.

Politicians, like Bernie Sanders, are engaged in the mental fantasy of social and economic equality guaranteed by the government and assured by a government promising its people equality.

Riots, angry protests, social unrest, destruction of private property, allegations of police brutality and race, race, race and more race are opportunities for the institution of more control over the inmate.

Essentially, Sanders and even some self-proclaimed conservatives envision a society where the government promises solutions to the problems it has in fact created.

Frolicking within the minds of politicians are the schizophrenic voices of grandeur, of a government that assures its citizenry a society where all people are the same. Isn’t it ironic that socialism tries to accomplish unification by disassociation?

What could provide a better opportunity for government control than a nation comprised of warring factions?

Is President Donald Trump mentally unstable? I do not know.

What I do know is this, we are led by crazies in Washington, DC. We are led by sick mortals who are hearing voices and seeing things, who believe the government should implant itself into the soul of each of us and save us from ourselves, a kind of government that feeds on divisions and hatred, a government wallowing in the muck of its own visions of grandeur.