Those who have watched the nation reel to-and-fro like a sinking ship are asking what’s gone wrong in America?

The symptoms of our societal disease are hanging out for all to see, including allies and foreign adversaries. Of course, there is no lack of opinion on the cause of our collective malaise. Finger pointing abounds, with an emphasis on the finger located in the middle!

Anger is in the streets. Frustrations are mounting like a powder keg, ready to blow. Strike the wrong match and BOOM; the whole thing could erupt in the madness of anarchy.

Contemporary Thought – Progressive Models

Socialist progressives attribute the rising tension in America to lingering old values, national sins that need to be atoned, institutional prejudices and central government’s unwillingness to equalize the economic status of all people by redistributing wealth to all.

In the mind of a progressive, we have to force people, in masse, to want less, need less (stop being selfish and greedy) and be willing to adopt a collective model of existence because this is fair and less harmful to less fortunate social groups. Government is the vehicle by which the oppressed can defend themselves from the evils of capitalism, tradition, white privilege and racial and gender inequality.

Somehow the progressives always end up defining their solution as less individualism, less talk of God and history and culture and then guns too. Accordingly, we need less free speech, a lot less talk of free markets and we must expunge the word capitalism from society. Most assuredly, we need more, much more government. After all, someone needs to be in charge…we can’t be left to ourselves.

Bottom line: we need more socialism, less capitalism, and a whole lot more laws backed by the government that cast out the demons of inequality.

We need forced utopia. What America needs is more of Marx, Lenin, Castro, Mau, and Putin.

Conservatism’s Despised Alternative

To answer the question, what’s gone wrong in America, I propose something else.

My proposal is an immediate re-instrument of all forms of individualism and personal responsibility.  We use the government as a primary tool by which Constitutional principles are society’s primary means of stability, respect, social order and wealth creation.

THIS SOUNDS INSANE…to a progressive.

Furthermore, we must shrink wrap the national and state governments. Bind them up in Saran Wrap. Suck the oxygen that allows the mold to grow out of their environment. Limited them in every possible way. Take away their primary source of power, our money. While we’re at it, let’s limit the terms and pay of all politicians.

Don’t turn the hounds of big government loose, shackle big government in all forms, state and federal. Lop off their octopus-like tentacles that seek to reach into every corner of our lives to govern our toasters, toilets, trucks, and thumbtacks.

Don’t empower government, empower the nation’s citizens. Don’t trust…the government…trust yourself.

One More Elephant Sitting in the Room

What’s gone wrong in America? We have.

In so many ways, we have become fatted on the notion self-entitlement. To a large degree we a culture of beggars, living under the control of the merchants of addition (the latter being the big government).

Much of our collective virtue has been steadily removed as we have slowly allowed our schools to become government re-education camps that indoctrinate our children with the message of victimhood and the evils of American capitalism.

There is nothing the government can give to us unless it first takes it from us. All that government has is ours.

We have rights loaned to us by God. We are endowed by God, not government.

Have we lost our way in the maze of modern life? Have the powerful screams of government deafened us to our power?

Have we forgotten how to be alone, to stand up to the tribunal of ridicule?

Could it be true that we have let go of the hand of God?