President Joe Biden wants the United States Supreme Court to “look like America.” This is the language of the radical left, and it’s the same language used to discriminate against minorities for college entrance, housing, employment, and other equal opportunities under the law.

Making SCOTUS look like America is, in fact, a racist hiring policy, one that would not survive an Equal Employment Opportunity hearing in the corporate world. It was President Joe Biden who, during the campaign of 2020, boldly declared he would put a “black woman” on the Supreme Court. No one in the media winced. No feminists marched on Capitol Hill to protest against Biden’s stated discrimination policy.

Then, we elected him President.

Back on Track with Race and Gender

Woke has come to SCOTUS, just as it has to every other institution of state and federal governments. Unfortunately, the battle for gender and race equality has not ended. We are getting it back on track after six decades of hard work codifying equailty under the law. We reached a consensus that advancement and appointments to positions of authority would be based on qualifications regardless of gender, religion, sex, origin, familial status, and more.

Just as we thought we were millimeters away from finally putting the evils of discrimination behind us, the Marxist Democrats have resuscitated the long, ugly legacy of skin color in hiring. Worse, they have coupled it with gender.

What should SCOTUS look like? In Joe Biden’s America, it remains a centerpiece in governance while completely undefined. After all, Biden hasn’t called a press conference to explain what he means and what the Democrats mean when they say things ought to “look like America.”

What does America “look like,” and how do we structure and operate such a policy while claiming we are intent on building a society with law, education, and government that treats all races and matters of gender with one rule, equality of opportunity and not preference. Even Lyndon Johnson, who signed the most significant civil rights legislation into law, would cringe over a national “look like America” employment and advancement policy. Especially within our justice system.

After all, we are talking about the Supreme Court, a once revered and trusted institution citizens could rely upon, a place where justice was blind and judges, we were told, were there because they are qualified by accomplishment to interpret and apply the law to everyday American life.

Imagine the Complications

Making things “look like America” is a tall order and one fraught with inherent temptations for misapplication and further discriminatory practices. In fact, it’s against the law. Nevertheless, SCOTUS might someday have to reconcile a white woman’s claim who stands before the Justices and demonstrates she was bypassed because her male counterpart, who happened to be of Asian-Hispanic descent, was arbitrarily hired or promoted. After all, the company wants to “look like America.”

Then too, imagine the complicated labyrinths that might arise because we want a company, an organization, a church, synagogue, or temple to “look like America.” What kind of worms will crawl out of this opened can? What precisely does the President want to accomplish? Fair hiring practices or racial advancement as the social payoff for party loyalty. There is no end to the corruption that can evolve from a look like American policy in government.

Driving employment policy to define social order by statistical gender and race demographics is inherently wrong. We fought a civil war over this very issue. The entire suffrage movement was rooted in a non-gender premise.

Gender and race appointments to the high court are particularly dangerous. Justices should only be allowed on the bench based upon a substantial history of accomplishments, interpretations, rulings, and a sound perspective of the centrality of the intent of the Constitution. One’s skin color and genitalia are hardly blind justice.

The left wants our courts, schools, universities, intel, military, healthcare, elections, and virtually all government institutions to adopt preferential policies based on gender and race. Such a policy is viewed as leveling history’s playing field, balancing our wrongs, a kind of reparation payment for the sins of prior generations.

In Politics, Motives are Always in Play

Behind Joe Biden’s desire to have the Court “look like America” is his knowledge and assurance that the appointment of a black woman to the high court will likely bring with it a set of beliefs, even biases, that will shape law and social order for decades. This is Joe’s real intent…social and institutional modification disguised as equality.

Democrats want to retain power, to control the destiny of America. Leveraging divisional policies using CRT, gender and pronoun theories, race inequities, is one way to drive a wedge deep into America’s culture and judicial outcomes. However, to do this requires that Democrats do and act in ways that contradict their very words.  In his Inaugural Address, Joe Biden promised us national unity and moderation.

For two years, we have endured the brutal oppression of the government. COVID-19  was, as stated by Jane Fonda, “God’s gift to the Democrats.” The pandemic allowed the American Marxists a golden opportunity to transform the nation under the umbrella of a national health emergency. Finally, they could throttle freedoms in ways never seen in America.

DC locked us down, destroyed our small businesses, tampered with elections, closed our schools, masked up our children, and engaged in a reckless spending spree from which we might never recover. Then, finally, the long-awaited dream of centralizing power with mayors, governors, and the President became a reality. But, unfortunately, this has now culminated in staffing our freedom institutions based on gender and skin color.

Which Skin Color, Which Genitalia, Which Woke Construct?

What does America look like?  Is it simply the product of Biden’s demented logic?  How does Joe Biden structure the court based on gender and race? Which gender? Which race? What about blended races? Are we to have our nation operate and function under the calculated percentages of every race, each gender construct, and each artificially construed belief?

I do not know what Joe Biden’s America looks like, but I know what my America looks like. We are a people who believe that the issues of race and sex have no place in the determination of those most qualified to sit as Justices, to teach our children, to pilot our airlines, to police our communities, to perform surgeries on our bodies, to work in any company, and to serve as our political leaders.

My America looks not at all like Joe Biden’s America, and therein lies the problem.

(Photo Credit: Featured Image by Donald Teel, iVoteAmerica)
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