Wallace, Trump, Taxes and the Left’s Hypocrisy

iVoteAmerica Chris WallaceThe media, following the lead of the New York Times, has a new campaign storyline… Trump’s taxes.

Armed with the 1% narrative, the left has accused Trump of taking a $916 million loss on his 1995 tax returns. What the media and the Clinton campaign does not tell the public is that the IRS allows such a deduction to written-off with a special go-forward application.

In actuality, such a write-off conforms to the tax code and was allowable. A future pro-ration of the loss against future taxable income is common and not limited to billionaires.

Clinton and her socialist message are attempting to create a storyline in support of their position that wealthy people (those making more than $250,000 annually) should pay more taxes.

It’s a part of the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders Marxist redistribution of wealth blueprint.

This is a great opportunity for the Clinton campaign to shift the conversation away from email servers, radical Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, deficit spending, and the healthcare crisis in time for the next debate. And, I might add, a distraction from the Clinton Foundation’s myriad pay-to-play schemes that took place while Clinton was Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite for the ages. She and her philandering husband are wealthy beyond imagination, having generated their income by leveraging influence peddling. Their own tax returns show deductions and the only separation between them and Donald Trump is his willingness to engage in the risks associated with his real estate and casino ventures.

While approximately 50% of all Americans pay no income taxes, the left will continue to engage in their hypocrisy about fairness.

Chris Wallace interviewed Chris Christie on Fox News Sunday this morning. I watched the interview and listened carefully to the language used by Wallace in his attempt to imply that Trump had somehow broken the law. Governor Christie emphasized the legality of the deduction.

Let’s be precise about what it (NY Time article) said… the New York Times does not have any information in that story that says Mr. Trump did not pay taxes… all they did was quote the law which says that if you have that kind of loss you can use the law to offset income for up to 18 years. – Gov. Chris Christie

Other than the hypocrites on the left, are there any normal businesses or individuals in the United States who are begging the IRS to allow them to pay more taxes? No.

The Democrat party is a full-fledged socialist party. There are no middle-of-the-road, blue-dog democrats anymore. Trump’s legitimate use of an IRS tax code, largely enacted into law by Democrats, is the purest form of hypocrisy and cleverly designed to ramp up the wealthy vs. middle-class rhetoric in order to create voter distraction.

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