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Meet Donald Teel

iVoteAmerica Donald TeelDonald is the guy who thought up the iVoteAmerica Network in 2006. He admits it took him many years and the realization that America was declining before he acted on the idea.

His days are spent creating and implementing the design and operating model.

I’m not a politician, lawyer, lobbyist or a bureaucrat…I’m an American who, like so many others, is feeling increasingly disconnected and marginalized.

After watching the decline of the nation for two decades, Donald decided to reactivate an old website,

He is dedicated to helping create and mobilize The Next Generation of Conservatives® and through iVoteAmerica, he offers opportunities for qualified individuals to engage the culture in a quest for liberty and small, responsible and accountable government.

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Meet Reed Ferguson

iVoteAmerica Reed FergusonReed Ferguson is a Partner and Vice President of iVoteAmerica where she oversees and promotes the national network.

Reed is also the State Editor for iVoteGeorgia. As one of our State Editors, she writes opinions, interviews and consults with conservative candidates and promotes them for federal, state, and local offices.

As a millennial myself, I often hear that conservatism is lost to my generation, but with your help, I have hope that it can be restored. America is the greatest country in the history of the world, but too many young people today have forgotten – or never learned – what it truly means to be an American.

Through her articles, videos, and networking, Reed has become a strong voice among conservative Millennials.

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Meet Kailey Niemen

iVotreAmerica Kailey NiemanKailey C. Nieman is a Senior Correspondent for iVoteAmeria and a member of its Advisory Group.

She is a student at East Tennessee State University studying Political Science and Media & Communications.

She is an advocate for conservative principles and currently serves as the Sargent in Arms for the Conservative Coalition and the President of the NRA Collegiate Coalition on her campus.

I believe that conservatism is alive and well. It is our job to stay informed and not fall victim to the left’s propaganda. If we don’t act, we can only blame ourselves. I refuse to be a part of the problem.

Kailey is the State Editor for iVoteTennesee and an attendee at the 2018 CPAC, representing iVoteAmerica.

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Meet John Douglas

iVoteAmerica John DouglasJohn Douglas is a Senior Correspondent for iVoteAmerica and the State Editor for iVoteTexas in which he writes opinions, and interviews conservative candidates about their aptitude for holding office..

Majoring in political science and minoring in National Security, John uses his writing to enshrine the founding ideals of the U.S. and western values.

he moral philosophy of conservatism is slipping away from many Americans. The ideas of life, liberty, and property are increasingly becoming foreign. That is why I am dedicated to re-enshrining those ideas as laid out by the founding fathers.”

John is working to extend his skills beyond writing by becoming an orator of conservatism through videos and debate.

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Meet Cameron Teel

iVoteAmerica Cameron Teel CharcoalCameron Teel is a Student Staff Writer for iVoteAmerica.

She is a student at one of the nation’s most respected Charter Schools, BASIS, where she is a National Honor Society Member and President of her schools Peer Assistance and Leadership Club.

Cameron is a member of her school’s Mock Trial Law team which went to the state competition in 2017. She is the Founder and President of her local Turning Point Chapter.

My millennial age group is filled with young adults who not only believe they are entitled, but also refuse to accept logic and facts. They advocate for liberal ideas in all areas of politics without fully understanding the consequences. The only way to turn the future of America in the right direction is to create a united group of young conservatives to fight back against the accepted liberal agenda and defend liberty, capitalism and constitutional rights.

Cameron Teel has been a participant in the Young Women’s Leadership Summit and Student Action Summit, both sponsored by TPUSA.

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Meet Jay Lauer

iVoteAmerica Jay LauerJay Lauer works with the iVoteAmerica team to create online solutions that will reinforce the message, attract new participants and ultimately, create new outcomes.

Jay’s development background includes corporate IT management and numerous programming skills. His role in the Network encompasses all aspects of system administration, maintenance and of course, the constant maintenance demands. I feel it is my duty to make information available to all. Well informed individuals make a well-informed society. Contributing to iVoteAmerica allows conservative views to be heard by all.

I feel it is my duty to make information available to all. Well informed individuals make a well-informed electorate. I’m not just programming, I’m contributing to iVoteAmerica which allows conservative views to be heard.

Jay is an educator through the translation of technology into messages that attract people to the power of conservative positions.

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