Susan Collins is masquerading as a Conservative Republican. In fact, Susan Collins is a Democrat in disguise.

The Senator from Maine is consistent in her policy positions. If policy decisions involve the further growth of big government, more spending, higher deficits, and intrusion into our personal lives, Collins will likely side with D.C. liberals.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) is a fake conservative.

Conservative Review has her “Liberty Score” pegged at 12%. Are you kidding me,  you ask? Nope.

She’s a conservative failure, a fake and a fraud. According to Conservative Review, a website that tracks the voting records of Senators and members of Congress, she has earned an “F” grade after 20 years of pretending.

iVoteAmerica F Grade

The Conservative Review website collects and collates the voting record of every member of the Senate and the House and painstakingly analyzes their votes on key issues. The votes are measured against conservative positions and policies on spending, civil liberties, the size of government, abortion, immigration, gun rights, healthcare and military and foreign policy, to name just a few.

Collins has only voted conservative a half-dozen times. Bleak, I would say. Out of 50 tracked votes, Collins voted liberal 44 times! Here is the link to her score, if you care to look.

Recently, Senator Collins has been eager to support the provisions of Obamacare and was one of a handful of Senators who voted against the GOP attempt to repeal the government takeover of healthcare.

Since 1997, Susan Collins has been masquerading as a Conservative Republican.

iVoteAmerica hopes to see Maine nominate a true conservative to unseat liberal Susan Collins.
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