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You are invited to explore a role in the iVoteAmerica National Network as a State Editor.

As one of our State Editors, you will join our press pool and have the exclusive licensing, business and revenue rights to your iVoteAmerica State website. More importantly, you will be taking the first step toward influencing election outcomes by identifying, interviewing and endorsing conservative candidates for election.

Finally, as a State Editor, you’ll write opinion articles, attend political meetings and generate revenue through a variety of sources.

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Privileges for State Editors

iVoteAmerica Bullet 1License and operate your iVoteAmerica State as its Editor and Manager. Control the message, create influence, promote the election of conservatives. This is your opportunity to build a media business in your State.

iVoteAmerica Bullet 2Become a part of our Press Team. You will interview candidates for political office, post news articles to your State site, develop a team that shares your vision for honest, traditional and principled leaders.

iVoteAmerica Bullet 3You can earn revenue from the political or conservative advertisement you attract to your State site. Cover political events, attend campaign rallies, advertise political candidates, news, issues and more.

Greetings from iVoteAmerica!

After nearly 2 years of development, I am extremely proud to present you with the iVoteAmerica National Network.

We have succeeded in creating a media platform positioned across the entire nation, all 50 States!

iVoteAmerica is hardly another mainstream, left-wing media network. We are conservatives.

You are invited to become one of our State Affiliate Editors, a writer, correspondent, or volunteer.

The iVoteAmerica Network is depending on what we call The Next Generation of Conservatives® to help us create a new messaging platform that will address the needs of the nation and identify the right candidates for political office.

Stake a claim to your state and let’s make it happen!

Donald Teel, CEO
Founder & Editor