President Donald Trump is now firmly in control of the Republican Party. His gravitas could not have been more apparent than today at CPAC 2018.

Trump, ever the boisterous, anti-politically correct, Twitter-centric, take-no-prisoners leader delivered a litany of first-year accomplishments to a raucous CPAC crowd.

Perhaps the President was under consideration when CPAC chose the theme, “A Time for Action.”  Despite a year of turmoil, there remains little doubt that Donald J. Trump is a man of action and fully in control of his Presidency.

We have compiled a list of President Trump’s most important statements made today at CPAC 2018. Here they are, as accurately as I could capture them.


“The script is boring.”

“Our tax cuts are the biggest in history.”

“We have created 2.7 million new jobs”

“Regulations are being cut.”

“They (Democrats) will take away those massive tax cuts and the 2nd Amendment.”

“During the campaign, we had a crooked media…We had a crooked candidate too.”

“Obamacare is essentially wiped out.”

“We approved the Keystone Excel Pipeline and the Dakota pipeline.”

“We killed the Paris Climate Accord…it would have been a disaster.

“Regulations were keeping the US from building, farming and growing.”

“America has been helping everyone else grow at our expense.”

“Car companies and other industries are coming back.”

“We’ve got seven years to go, folks.”

“Rehearsed the election, almost state-by-state. “We hit a cord,” he said.

“Our military was going to  hell”

“We refused to certify the horrible Iran deal.”

“$1.8 billion in cash…for what?” People who treat us badly, we treat them much worse…that’s the way it has to be.”

“We recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

“Every other President lied about Jerusalem.”

“We’re finally rebuilding our nation.”

“We support the incredible men and women of law enforcement.”

“A strong nation must have strong borders…don’t worry, you’re getting the wall.”

“Apple brought in $350 million.”

“Exxon brought in $50 million.”

“Faith and family, not government and bureaucracy are at the center of American life.”

“We don’t worship government, we worship God.”

“We will never forget  a preacher named Billy Graham.”

“Rev Graham believed in the power of God’s word.”

“He had a simple message, ‘God loves you’.”

“On Wednesday, we will celebrate his (Billy Graham’s) life as his body lies in the rotunda.”

“The Parkland, Texas killings “is beyond anything I have ever witnessed.”

“Why do we protect our airports and banks, but not our schools.”

“It time to make our schools’ much harder targets”

“When we declare our schools ‘gun free zones it just puts our children in far more danger.”

“We need offensive capabilities.”

“One of the big measures we will do…strengthen our background checks.”

“We don’t people who are mentally ill to have any form of weapon.”

“We are not just having a conversation about school safety.”

“I have heard a lot of words but little action.

It’s all common sense…every child desires to grow up in a safe community.”

“Violent crime is a top priority and we are going to do whatever takes.”

“We’ve brought more charges against violent people than any president in a quarter-century.”

“We have arrested more than 4,000 members of the M-13 gang.

“I can’t get Democrats to agree that when we catch these animal killers we should lock them up.”

“They’re (Democrats) always fighting for the criminals.”

“We want our cities to be sanctuaries for law-abiding citizens, not criminals.”

“We are calling on Congress to build a great border wall.”

“They (Democrats) are willing to give us a wall but they don’t want to give us the laws we need to keep people out.”

“I don’t want people coming into this country based on a lottery, I want them coming in based on merit.”

“We all want to be admitting people who will share our values and love our country.”

“We need people who want to work.”

“I don’t want people coming in to accept gifts.”

“I want great people coming in.”

“That’s what we’re doing with our country.”

“Our country is starting to do very well.”

“The economy is blazing.”

“Unemployment claims have reached a 40 year low.”

“African American unemployment has reached the lowest level in history.”

“Hispanic unemployment has reached the lowest level in history.”

“Women have the lowest unemployment in 18 years.”

“Small business confidence an all-time high.”

“We have to fight Nancy Pelosi, they want to give you money away.”

“Under my administration, the era of economic surrender is over.”

“We have imposed the heaviest sanctions every on North Korea.”

“We are going to make America great again, and I will never let you down.”