The Trump Card, Jokers Wild

iVoteAmerica Donald TrumpWimps need not apply! Trump’s strident manner is turning the professional political cartel upside down, striking a kind of refreshing fear into the hearts of the Washington elite.

Bull dog politics has changed the game and reset the stage with a new choreography. The Donald has tossed our political correctness and speaks his mind to a growing following of mainstream Americans who have tired of the traditional game.

Donald J. Trump now leads in most credible major polls. He is neck-and-neck with Cruz in Iowa and ahead in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Derailing him has proven insurmountable, although the RNC would have relished such a feat.

A Trump Presidency will be a serious Presidency and if the Republican establishment loathes Senator Ted Cruz, one wonders how they could possible integrate Trump into the culture of the Washington cartel. After all, Trump can’t be bought by the PACs or the lobbyists and so far, power does not seem to be a great motivator for the developer.

Building the wall (finally), and taking on China, Mexico and Japan resonate with conservatives. “America doesn’t win anymore,” Trump declares repeatedly. Highlighting the lack of negotiatingiVoteAmerica Donald Trump skills in Washington by calling our leaders “stupid” is almost more than the entrenched party leaders can handle.

Despite past indicators of liberal thinking, Trump is the real leading candidate. “Make America Great Again” is a theme that has drawn out the Reagan Democrats, independents and traditionalists in huge numbers. Trump seems to be a winner with an appealing conservative message.

But can he win? Can he, the consummate entrepreneur, translate his message into cohesive policy? If elected can he get along long enough to create a rollback of the Obama policies and implement new legislation that will overturn Obamacare, close the borders and get the economy moving toward jobs, a balanced budget and of course, win the war on terror?

Trump’s appeal to evangelicals remains a bit of a mystery. His, “I am a Presbyterian” and “I have a Bible” statements, are not exactly what evangelicals want to hear. His principled positions on abortion, education, prayer in schools and other evangelical hot-buttons remain a bit gray…too gray for some.

iVoteAmerica thinks Trump can win but we remain, at this point, unconvinced that his style and persona can work in Washington culture steeped in party politics.

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