For nearly four years those of us involved in politics have heard the steady drumbeat of “orange man bad” rhetoric.  We’ve been more than casual observers in the Orange Man Bad versus Orange Man Good noise. In fact, the political alignment is now largely dictated by this contest of ideas about the effectiveness of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

The Orange Man Bad advocates characterize Trump as racist, bigoted, homophobic, Islamophobic, a pathological liar, a Russian operative, a serial womanizer, and a reckless, unqualified fluke who is occupying the Oval Office by accident.

The Democratic Party has built an entire national movement around the notion that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a series of obtuse political blunders. Of course, that’s partially true, depending on who you think made the mistakes. As with Stacy Abrams’ belief that she is the true Governor of Georgia, Hillary Clinton still chirps about being robbed of the presidency by Donald Trump.

In the red political corner, those subscribing to the Orange Man Good position are what the media refers to as Trump’s base of loyal followers, the die-hards and basket of deplorables, the Walmart shoppers, those completely dedicated to the President come hell or high water. Some even ascribe Messianic qualities to Donald Trump, believing he is a kind of “sent one” ordained by God to save America. I’m not high enough on the spiritual food chain to make that determination.

We are a scant 60-days from the 2020 presidential election. It will assuredly be a sight to behold, an experience of a lifetime. The orange man good-orange man bad division has created the most hotly contested battle in recent political history. Not since the election in 1865 has there been a more consequential political battle for the White House.

Trump is a wrecking ball, a magnified primal force of disruption to the bureaucratic culture of Washington, DC. And that is what the Orange Man Good voters love about him and expect from Donald Trump. He was elected to kick butt and never take a prisoner. The nation’s institutions of power both loath and fear him simultaneously.

As a kind of messiah-like, prophetic voice, Trump is expected to overturn the political tables of the Washington money changers. In the minds of tens of millions of voters, the Donald is in DC for but one reason, to change it.

While few would deny that Donald Trump has disrupted the establishment, the jury is out with respect to whether his policies can endure in the face of a culture that will certainly revert to its old habits. Trump’s tax cuts, Executive Orders, and his dismantling of all things Obama, I contend, have been very good for America. My question as we approach the potential re-election of Donald Trump is whether he can truly reign in a disobedient government.

The deficit is higher than ever. Our 2020 $3.3 trillion annual deficit now eclipses the entire economy. In fairness, America has been hit with a national crisis known as COVID-19, an event seized upon by the left and wielded as a political tool to destroy the economic accomplishments of the President’s first term. The deliberate overstepping of authority by liberal majors and governors, followed by lockdowns, and massive unemployment has hammered Trump’s “greatest economy in the history of the world.” Riots, looting, and anarchy in Democrat-controlled cities have largely been winked at while be characterized as peaceful protests conducted in honor of George Floyd. Only recently, and largely because of negative polling, did Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden denounce the anarchy.

The Orange Man Bad versus Orange Man Good war, and that’s exactly what it has become, is far from over. We’re now heading toward an election that appears to be fraught with new schemes of mail-in ballots, a modus destined to be used the Democratic Party to throw the election into chaos. It has all been deliberate.

After the failed Russia election scheme and Mueller probe and the revelation that yes, we did have a corrupt element with the FBI attempting a soft coup, we endured a disastrous attempt by Democrats to impeach Trump over a question posed to the Ukrainian President during a telephone call. The Democrats are apoplectic. They are desperate beyond measure to destroy the presidency of Donald J. Trump and to once-and-for-all rid Washington of this disruptive orange figure before the force of his personality exposes more of the sleazy underbelly of the DC establishment.

So rest assured, the next 60-days will not end the Orange Man Bad versus Orange Man Good debate, they will ignite it further. September and October 2020, will be filled with frenzy, confusion, deceit, and intrigue. The war will likely continue past midnight on November 3, 2020, and be extended in a battle for the future of America.

You see, this is not really an Orange Man Bad versus Orange Man Good contest. It’s really a contest for control. Pragmatically, it’s about law and order, the role of government, adherence to the US Constitution as the centerpiece of the Republic, it’s about debt, foreign policy, the role of America in the world, values, education, and the size and scope of a centralized government, and finally, it’s about personal freedom.

The Orange Man Bad versus Orange Man Good struggle is simple pictorial imagery used to personalize the battle and to disrupt our focus on the real war. We are at war with our own government. It’s a war that did not start with Donald J. Trump. He is merely a historic figure in this place and time. In fact, it isn’t just his war, it’s my war and yours.

When all is said and done, it’s about us and what we expect from the government. Every election is always about the same thing. The faces and personalities change, but it’s the same old war, a battle for liberty.

Don’t think of it as Orange Man Bad versus Orange Man Good, think of it as big government bad versus small government good, and then vote accordingly, reminding yourself our politics has always been about the same thing, our relationship with the government.
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