Obamacare – Treachery and Temptation

Americans finally understand the treacherous nature of Washington, DC. It takes a lot to shove us into a corner, but once it happens we come out swinging.

Ours is an economic existence under siege by Obamacare. As the financial shoe drops in the form of premiums and deductibles, the electorate is discovering how devastating the healthcare takeover is going to be. The impact is real to the electorate and will, in the end, obliterate liberty as we know it.

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The rejection of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy can be attributed primarily to the planned health care cost increases. On the flip side, Trump’s election will be no guarantee that Washington will release its grip on healthcare. Donald Trump has repeated his position on the Affordable Care Act, “I will repeal and replace Obamacare.”

President Obama’s ACA, if left in the hands of the Washington elites, will be alive and well, waiting to be reshaped, retooled and reimplemented in a new and more deceptive form of centralized control.

Truth is a pill too large for politicians to swallow. I do not believe career politicians will walk away from the inherent power given them by controlling healthcare. More tinkering is required, but only after a clear calculation of how the feds can use the issue to further control us.

Obamacare isn’t going anywhere soon. The treachery is just beginning. The temptations of power, like Colorado pot, are wafting into the nostrils of the bureaucracy creating a stupor that will perpetuate the deceit. Nothing short of a full decapitation will separate Washington from the power it derives from controlling our healthcare system.

iVoteAmerica John McCain BWIn Arizona, the headquarters of iVoteAmerica, costs under Obamacare are set to escalate more than 115% for 2017.

Politicians are cleverly staking out positions regarding the nuclear effects of Obamacare on their constituents. On his Twitter account, Senator John McCain recently bemoaned the escalating costs of the ACA for the people of Arizona.

Of course, McCain already staked out his position on Obamacare when, rather than standing in support of the filibuster against the funding of Obamacare by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), he engaged in a national campaign to ridicule Cruz and belittle the government shutdown. Then he voted for Omnibus legislation funding the ACA.

What Repeal and Replace Really Means

iVoteAmerica George Orwell QuoteThe latest catch-phrase emanating from the lips of politicians is, “Elect me and I will repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Americans don’t want it repealed and replaced; they simply want it repealed.

“Replacing” the ACA means the government will now and forever more have its greasy, slimy hands in the health care system. What will the genius, knuckle-headed politicians dream up as the replacement program for Obamacare?

The Affordable Care Act is the perfect example of how the government in Washington, DC creates programs, bureaucracies, and policies that never go away. After all, shifting power away from individuals, families, communities and the states only serves to empower the elites.

The self-serving and egotistical presumption of Washington is, “Yes, we screwed up the entire healthcare system, but we think we can fix it.”

Quick Death vs. Slow Agony

iVoteAmerica Obamacare GuillotineAllowing Obamacare to implode is a good idea, provided it is not “replaced” with something that is controlled by or shared with Washington. Why do I hear conservatives calling for the Government to “replace” Obamacare? Why is the government running healthcare in the first place?

A quick death is required. Lop it off! Allowing another federal program with the size and impact of Obamacare to be revamped or retooled by the DC lawyers will create a slow, dripping death for the American people. We must continue to remind ourselves, Obamacare is not about healthcare, it’s about power and control.

Premiums and deductibles are gobbling up the financial resources of many citizens, leaving no room for economic error. Of course, this is what socialism creates.

At this moment, voters are venting their frustrations. The political anger and economic hardships are escalating. The presumptuous, spoiled brat politicians will attempt to keep control of healthcare. Control of the system is the secret message behind the phrase “repeal and replace.”

Blow up the program, burn it down, cut its ugly head off, sink it and utterly expunge it from the vocabulary of Washington, DC. Send it back to the American people and let us solve the problem.

If Washington feels compelled to act (usually true), then pass legislation that expands health care savings accounts and eliminates state restrictions on healthcare insurance competition.

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