Devin Nunes (R-CA) should be by all estimations a national hero. In my book, he has created a great awakening in America.

Not long ago Nunes was knocked to the political canvas by Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA). Schiff, a shallow, contemptible, Trump-hating, man-on-a-mission, who has been desperate to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.

Nunes was forced to face a kind of ethical firing squad over his now famous Russian fact-finding trip to the White House where he explored contradictory evidence to the Russian collusion accusations against Donald Trump.

Today, with the release of the “FISA Memo” Devin “Lazarus” Nunes, a man once walking dead, now lives. He has been resurrected from a political tomb.

The hotly debated release of what some call the “Nunes FISA memo,” has turned the tables on Schiff and his looney toon cohorts. Schiff’s band of marauders have spent the past year recklessly attempting to use Congressional hearings to sabotage the Trump presidency. Their primary weapon…FISA.

FISA in Simple Language

What is FISA, anyway? Actually, it’s a secret court system, born out of the disaster of 911 and operating under a law known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA” Pub.L. 95–511, 92 Stat. 1783, 50 U.S.C. ch. 36).

Yes, FISA is a codified mechanism by which US intelligence agencies are allowed to secretly hold court with unnamed judges where they present unrebutted evidence in support of a claimed right to spy on suspicious Americans they say are connected to, or “colluding” with, the nation’s enemies.

It was this law, FISA, and its secret court, under the Obama administration, that was used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to gin-up the right to spy on a candidate for President of the United States, one Donald J. Trump.

Nunes and the Great Awakening

Nunes’ FISA memo has become his personal writ of habeas corpus. More importantly, Nunes and his valiant effort show us the truth about elements of our government and may have sparked a great awakening among the American people. At the least, we now see how institutions of our government can be transformed into instruments of bias and corruption.

Devin Nunes has awakened us to the stark and bloody reality that governments can create well-intentioned laws which in the hands of corrupt individuals can be fashioned into political weapons of mass destruction.

What Nunes succeeded in exposing is the new and evil weaponization of intelligence-gathering. He has raised the veil of secrecy to show us the deep, dark and sinister power of a corrupt law enforcement agency that was allowed to operate in secret without public scruitiny and accountability.

This is an overdue great awakening. Like the great awakening of old, this is our personal and collective revival. It is our call to the altar of liberty and to a renewal of our national commitment to constitutional pragmatism and political common sense.

Devin Nunes joins Anglican Bishop Sir John Dalberg-Acton. in reminding us that “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

We must remain vigilant, reminding ourselves that our nation’s founders feared two things, big government, and big government operating in secret. If we can do the same, this will be our great awakening.

Download the FISA Memo