If it’s Sunday, it’s no longer Meet the Press, it’s Life, Liberty & Levin. Capturing the 10 pm Sunday evening time slot on Fox News, LL&L is filling the programming gap for conservatives who have been hungering for in-depth, unemotional analysis of current events.

Since the departure of the great William F. Buckley, Jr., conservatives have been left to feed on the fickle, low-fat journalism of the left.

Mark Levin, this generation’s prophetic voice of constitutional conservativism, is blazing a new trail of critical and enlightening dialogue. Absent from LL&L is the predictably trite and bombastic verbal exchanges of opinions to which we’ve become all too accustomed. Levin’s interview style is decidedly docile and deliberately so. The froth and quip are absent, and the focal point is truth piled on top of truth.

Each Sunday evening, conservatives are now afforded sophisticated, informed dialogue on a range of not only contemporary issues but also historic truth and fact.

Seated in a comfortable armchair, Levin engages his guests in contemplative intellectually detailed exchanges. This is an hour of non-corrosive, civil exploration of truth.

As one who longs for rational analysis, Levin’s script is a quest for real knowledge and rational analysis wrapped in historical perspective.

During it all, the viewer is subtly aware of the fact that LL&L is not designed for sleepy sissies who seek boisterous and shallow exchanges laced with the kind of snide insults to which we’ve become all too accustomed, even on Fox News. I have yet to witness emotional tirades gushing forth from uninformed, narrow, and self-anointed experts, the paid partisans called “Contributors.”

There are no claims to being fair and balanced. After all, conservatism, truth, and constitutional law are not co-equal with the assertions of the progressive left. Truth has a nasty habit of being one-sided. Fact, unlike feelings, lacks a diversity of opinion and is uncompromising in its dogmatism. This is Life, Liberty & Levin.

Levin focuses on truth and consequences. While allowing his guests to self-proclaim, Levin builds his interrogatives on an ocean of reality, allowing the currents of the moment to sway to and fro. Absent are his well documented, “That’s right, I said it!” tirades to which we have become joyfully accustomed during his effective radio broadcasts.

The foundation of all that Levin is, regardless of studio choreography, is his strict link to constitutional law and the flow of history, Americanism and the perils of liberal progressivism, the pitfalls and deception of secular humanism, and a deadly run-a-way, unaccountable and over-extended government, its activist courts, elite political professionals, and of course, the wholesale abandonment and denial of God-endowed liberty.

Woven through Levin’s interrogatives is his rational cynicism, the sense that something is amiss, the notion that things that ought to be foundational are now oddly and uncomfortable out of place. While he interviews his guests, it’s clear to me that he sees past them to the larger chasm of change that threatens the stability of the Republic, its heralded institutions and the precarious balance of power now eroding.

While deeply aware of the negative impact of left-leaning social trending and the preeminence of the sickness of relativism, Levin is not shy to remind us that our defective individual and collective virtue is to blame. He constantly, although not overtly, chips away at the gnawing truth that we are each to blame.

For thirteen weeks, I have watched LL&L and savored every morsel of its conversational exchanges. I have come forth from each episode glutted with facts, mentally, emotionally and spiritually invigorated, equipped, and satisfied that truth is still alive in America.

My thoughts about Levin’s 13- week guest list (not in order of airing):

  • Most Relevant – Gordon Chang (NoKo China)
  • Most Fascinating – Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)
  • Most Practical – Gary Sinise (Veterans)
  • Most Constitutional- Larry Arndt (Constitution)
  • Most Enlightening – Dan Bongino & Joe DiGenova (Corruption)
  • Most Contemporary- Charlie Kirk & Daniel Horowitz (Gov. & Socialism)
  • Most Threatening – Dr. Peter Pry (Electromagnetic Pulse)
  • Most Irrelevant- Sarah Palin (Political Review)
  • Most Historic – Edwin Meese (Conservative History)
  • Most Political – Mike Lee (US Senator, R-UT)
  • Most Balanced – Walter Williams (Classic Liberalism)
  • Most Frightening – Davis Belinski (Evolution & Progressivism)
  • Most Disturbing – Devin Nunes (FBI/DOJ)

Levin has succeeded in the creation of educational news content built on the factual foundations of history, constitutional principles, and the superiority of Judeo-Christian law and tradition. This is the proper conversational formula to counter the soft, deceptive culture of the left that continues to build its positions on emotion and relativism.

If you too are wearied of the robotic, staged tele-readers, the liberally scripted and thoroughly biased anchors, and those blithering network pied-Pipers, then muster your energy and shift your focus to Life, Liberty & Levin.

RECOMMENDATION: My recommended guest for Life, Liberty & Levin is Jordan Peterson…go get him, Mark, and spend a few weeks on the run-up to his appearance. With some help from the Fox News marketing people, you could likely have 2 million viewers.

At last, I’m home.