Jeff Flake is a bitter man and his hatred for Donald Trump has reached epic proportions, bordering on pathological.

But behind the scenes, the real culprits who have created problems for Jeff Flake are Arizona conservatives who rejected Flake’s re-election plans for 2018. He’s finished in Arizona, at least for now.

In his recently published book, Flake claims to have the Conscience of a Conservative. It’s too bad he doesn’t have the voting record to match the book cover title.

To be certain, Senator Flake is not a constitutional conservative. He is a Mitch McConnell (R-KY) conservative, steeped in the culture of the D.C. beltway and K Steet money. He drank the Kool-Aid some time ago and has returned to the reservoir time-and-time again.

His voting record isn’t even moderate by our standards.  Conservative Review extends Jeff Flake a Senatorial performance grade of just 53%, slightly better than John McCain’s even more pathetic grade of just 33%.

From a policy standpoint, conservatives have not seen Jeff Flake exhibit any measurable appetite or legislative initiative for shrinking the growth of government, cutting spending, repealing Obamacare, although these were his fickle campaign promises.

Flake flaked out even further by donating $100 to the campaign of Alabama Senatorial candidate and liberal, Doug Jones. An act that shocked even mainstream GOP members.

iVoteAmerica Jeff Flake Check to Doug Jones

It was obvious that Jeff Flake’s virtue signaling contribution to the Doug Jones campaign was really about the acquisitions of sexual impropriety leveled against Roy Moore and Trumps’s last-ditch effort to endorse him.

Jeff Flake’s one term Senate Career is coming to an end. Arizona Conservatives will be focused and highly motivated to replace Jeff with a bonafide principled conservative with the drive and ambition to reverse the course in Washington, D.C.