iVoteAmerica Turns its Sites Over to Patriots

iVoteAmerica News Alert - Sites to PatriotsIt’s time for iVoteAmerica to move forward.

iVoteAmerica is an online conservative news media network located in Arizona.

I am announcing today, October 3, 2016, that I am ready to start turning our state websites over to conservative patriots who share our vision to rebuild conservatism. The turn-over will be state-by-state.


By way of history, my first website launched in 2005-06, and it attracted about 5,000 followers in a matter of a few weeks. It was a small success to be sure, and I played with it.

Regrettably, I allowed the press of life to distract me, and I ignored the effort until 2008-12 when I, like a lot of Americans, began to realize political corruption and lying were going to destroy the America I knew and potentially ruin life for my children and grandchildren.

The decision was made to rebuild iVoteAmerica, as a national network. My very first post was entitled Why I had to Apologize to My Daughter. At the time I was just a father sensing things were not going well for America. Having no training in journalism, I realized there were going to be deficiencies but I did not care, I still don’t. I decided to put iVoteAmerica on the digital political map and see what might happen.

My most important decision was to share the iVoteAmerica Network with other dads and moms who share the vision and care enough to act.

I am not a politician, a lawyer, a lobbyist, a bureaucrat or media expert… I am simply an American who has realized we are destroying the country by adopting policies and practices that are going to negate any hope of a meaningful future for my children and grandchildren. – Donald Teel, Founder & Editor

iVoteAmerica Looks for and Endorses Principled Constitutional Conservatives

iVoteAmerica is still in early development. It’s an infant trying to grow.

iVoteAmerica FounderAs the Republican primaries were about to begin, I realized it was time to come out of the political closet (so-to-speak). From day one I wanted to use the iVoteAmerica National Network as a channel to endorse a constitutional conservative for President.

With trepidation, I called the Cruz campaign and announced, “I am not a national figure” (they agreed!). I explained, “I am building a national network dedicated to the election of conservatives, and I am planning to plaster Ted Cruz (R-TX) in as many states I can launch before the election.” They liked the free advertising!

And that’s what I did. iVoteAmerica’s first endorsement was Ted Cruz (R-TX) for President. Senator Cruz, his profile, and his commitment to principled constitutional conservatism was in on every site we launched. came first, followed by a handful of other state sites and now we have a rudimentary presence in about half the 50 states.

The iVoteAmerica’s National Network consists of branded sites for each US State such as iVoteTexas, iVoteNewYork, iVoteFlorida, and iVoteCalifornia. See the list.

We are now poised to start the process of turning over the iVoteAmerica Network to qualified conservative patriots in each State who will become iVoteAmerica State Editors. Each State’s mission is to identify conservative candidates for elective office, create and post opinion pieces and earn revenue.

iVoteAmerica is a Capitalist Model – I want Our State Editors to Get Paid

In keeping with one of the greatest conservative principles, each State website in the iVoteAmerica Network can generate income for the person or team that operates it. The Network is a media platform that includes election news, opinion articles, endorsements, advertising, videos, podcasts and social media.

There is no get-rich-quick thinking behind iVoteAmerica. It’s a labor of political love and commitment. The work is about truth and the realization that professional, career politicians if left unchecked, are going to destroy the country eventually.

One of the mistakes we make is believing if we only elect people who say they are conservatives, the nation will recover. We now know this is a false premise and we have watched the election of self-proclaimed conservatives go to Washington and out State legislatures and immediately flip over, abandoning their commitments to the electorate.

Once these “campaign conservatives” get into office and drink the political Kook-Aid, they turn into political stooges who expand the government, grow the debt, and create more regulation by implementing new entitlement programs that will eventually crush Americans and cost us our liberty.

I think the most influential conservative in America today is Mark Levin and I listen to him, read his books, promote him and respect his historical analysis of the US Constitution and the history of America. William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman and of course, Ronald Reagan, are each respected historical conservatives I have read and admire. Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham are on my list of highly respected and influential contemporary conservatives.


When I was a teenager, I watched Firing Line with William F. Buckley. Although the show was wordy, I sensed there was truth in Buckley’s words and, because I was a member of the high school debated team, I liked to watch Buckley assemble and deliver his arguments. Watching him on the black and white television was the beginning of my understanding of conservatism.

iVoteAmerica is not Complicated, but its Potential is Great

Becoming one of our State Affiliate Editors is a simple process. We are seeking people with a life framework and skill set suitable for the scope of work required in their state, creating a voice and generating the attention of the electorate necessary to influencing outcomes.

We are not looking for media professionals, elites or political organizations, although groups of people may apply for larger states. We are looking for people who, for lack of a better word, “believe” in constitutional conservatism as a superior model of life and governance, whether on the school board, within the Governor’s office or in Washington, DC.

Can you write? Can you create? Can you chase a cause? Do you have a love for America that compels you to act? These are important attributes. We can teach you to how to post an opinion piece, how to get an interview, and how to sell an ad to a candidate. We can not teach discipline.

Taking over a state is a straight-forward three-step process:

  1. First, read the iVoteAmerica Creed;
  2. Second, contact us, do the interview and apply;
  3. Third, sign our licensing agreement.

Our Network Creed is about the tenets and principles articulated in America’s founding documents. To me, all liberty is predicated on the existence of the Creator and without that belief we are left alone in the universe to guide ourselves (humanism), live by the rules created by modern man (secularism) and rely on the benevolence of government to protect us (socialism).

I have no idea if the iVoteAmerica National Network (“INN”) will succeed or fail but it is the most important task to which I am now dedicating myself.


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