The Fourfold Mission of the iVoteAmerica Network

Tell a Story

The Next Generation of Conservatives

The iVoteAmerica Network is dedicated to re-telling the story of conservatism to the next generation.

Conservatism has been distorted by the media, to the extent that many Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials are not able to appreciate the principles and impact it has on the strength and stability of America.

We are telling the story of Buckley, Reagan, Friedman and Levin, four of the greatest conservatives of the past and current generation.


Build a Network

Linking the States into a National Expression

We are building the iVoteAmerica National Network, a 50-state conservative network designed to identify issues and endorse candidates.

Our iVoteAmerica Creed forms the catalyst behind what we do. We look for and identify truly constitutional conservatives and we endorse them for all to see.

Most importantly, we allow conservatives who share our mission and vision to operate their iVoteAmerica State Website as our Affiliate.


Open Doors

Claim your State and Become an Editor

Yes, you can actually stake a claim to your iVoteAmerica state website and create a powerful voice in your state. You can interview conservative candidates, write for us, earn revenue and influence political outcomes.

You can also donate in memory of a veteran patriot and we will post his/her image and a memorial message about that person.

Naturally, you can post comments on our blog or, if you prefer, ask about becoming a commentator in the iVoteAmerica Network.


Create Change

Ultimate Mission: Change America’s Direction

The people of this great nation know that something is amiss. In fact, surveys tell us that nearly 70% of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction.

Most of our elected officials are concerned with reelection, power and personal prestige at the expense of “We the People.” It’s time to elect true conservatives who understand and are fully committed to constitutional conservatism.

You can be part of this Mission of Change through iVoteAmerica.



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