The Great Issues Facing America

The Expanding Government

Our government expands with an insatiable appetite.
The Reach of Centralized Government Exacts Tokens of Liberty

The Explosive National Debt

Barack Obama grew the national debt to $20 trillion.
Each Baby Born Today Owes the Federal Government $65,000

The Immigration Catastrophy

Jeb Bush believes illegal immigration is an “act of love?”
Washington is not and will not Enforce Immigration Law

The Rise of Terrorism

Radical Islam has declared global war on Western culture
We are Engaged in a Global Ideological War with Radicals

The Healthcare Takeover

Barack Obama nationalized America’s healthcare.
Obamacare is the Biggest Political Hoax in our Nation’s History

The Acceptance of Welfare

Millions of people are accepting Welfare as a way of life.
The Growth of the Nanny State Degrades America’s People

The Post Constitutional Crisis

We are now approaching government tyranny.
We have Been Endowed by the Creator with Unalienable Rights

The Loss of State Rights

The Constitution limits federal power in favor of State power.
Our Constitution Limits Federal Government to Enumerated Powers


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