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iVoteAmerica is a Unique Opportunity

iVoteAmerica, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, is a privately owned company with all of the member interest held by Donald Teel, the Founder and Editor.

We are a essentially a news organization dedicated to locating, identifying and endorsing constitutional conservatives for elective office at every level.

Citizen Initiated and Led

Our observation and analysis has led us to conclude, unequivocally, that Washington, DC will never fix or reform itself. That battle has been lost.

We firmly adhere to the restoration of a citizen led electorate who can operate and develop the the content and message of the iVoteAmerica Network, state-by-state, county-by-county and even city-by-city. The phrase “We the people…” has real meaning.

Since we do not believe the Washington elite has the will to reform itself, iVoteAmerica supports Mark Levin’s clarion call for a Convention of the States under Article 5 of the Constitution.

Business Opportunities

By design, we are not a tax exempt organization and we are not a franchise.

Our business design is predicated upon state revenue models and consists of licensing fees, monthly operating fees and advertising revenue.

The State Affiliate Editor licensee and operating fees are modest and based upon formulas we have developed for the Network.

Capital partners are encouraged, including content sharing partners and joint venture arrangements.

We are an aged concept, now renewed and expanded into a national effort. Please read the post “Apologizing to My Daughter” by Donald Teel, iVoteAmerica’s Founder.

Unlimited Potential for Growth

As the iVoteAmerica National Network matures, its potential for growth and impact is nearly unlimited.

Potential exists for a unified expression of constitutional conservative principals at all levels of government.

We can channel conservative news, political opinions and create the appropriate data sets for the identification of the challenges to federalism, liberty and the usurpation of the role of the Legislative Branch by the Judicial and Executive Branches of government.

A National Network.

We are positioned and operational in all 50-states!  Every county of every state will added to the scope of our vision and mission.

iVoteAmerica Official Map Transparent

Following the initial roll-out of the iVoteAmerica state websites, our attention will be turned to the counties of each state and, to the extent we are able and equipped, the cities of each state.

If you have and investment interest in our Network of any king, please contact us or, if you prefer, visit our Join page.

Letter from the Founder and Editor

iVoteAmerica Donald Teel - 200

America is facing some serious threats to our sovereignty and constitutional moorings.

Surrounded by Elites

For the most part, and regardless of party affiliation, politicians have become a professional class of elites who have succeeded in accumulating and centralizing power in Washington, DC.

The election of self-proclaimed constitutional conservatives as our President, Senators and Congressmen do not necessarily guarantee that our divinely bestowed freedoms and liberty will be protected. In order to be elected, politicians lie to us.

After the election rhetoric is over and politicians arrive in Washington and sip their first dose of cartel kool-aid they seemingly forget the electorate and join the culture of corruption.

More than Voting in the Next Group

I do not believe it is possible to reverse the tide by simply changing the Washington guard with new faces who continue the old practices of stripping away our liberty.

My belief is change must be driven from cities, counties and states by people who deliberately seek to identify truly constitutional conservatives who adhere to our traditional values.

This is the mission of iVoteAmerica… find, promote and elect a citizen government from the local level to the highest offices in the land.

Counterpart to the Political Class

Our mission means we must create a national framework that will enable us to drill down into the micro elections throughout the land to find and promote constitutional conservatives. This framework is the iVoteAmerica Network.

Although I started this project since 2006 with a simple website, I ignored the reality of change that was evident all around me.

Acting on Convictions

Recently, I decided to make an attempt to act on my convictions and the iVoteAmerica Network is being resurrected and taking on a new and better mission.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian and philosopher said,

“Only he who believes is obedient, and only he who is obedient believes.”

This is as true within the scope of our obligations as citizens as it is in our obligation to our Judeo/Christian beliefs.

iVoteAmerica will continue to evolve and grow until it becomes a place where “We the people” can exchange information, participate in identifying constitutional conservatives and create positive change that will protect the nation well into the succeeding generations.

This is not a passing fad for me and I now realize we are behind the curve and control of the Washington cartel. Change and restoration can only take place if the convictions of individuals are transformed into actions.

If you are interested in partnering with iVoteAmerica, please contact us.

Donald Teel, Founder

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