Hypocrite Dan Rather Spews on Trump

iVoteAmerica Dan Rather YouTubeDan Rather is a certified liar, international news phony and one of the most renown hypocrites in the history of journalism.

While the Anchor at CBS News, Rather, in a 1988 on-air interview, side-swiped Bush the Elder over the Iran-Contra affair. Bush, the elder, exposed Dan, and his staff during the broadcast for their dubious character.

Dan Rather, a known progressive and conservative hate monger, could not give up his personal animosity toward the Bush political clan. Year after the Bush 43 dust-up, Rather was forced out of the Anchor seat at CBS News when he issued an unconfirmed report about the military record of George W. Bush, then a GOP candidate for President.

Since then, Rather has made feeble attempts to defend his leftist approach to journalism and his hypocrisy and lies. Rather is the host of AXS TV’s The Big Interview an off-the-radar media collective with no continuity and an organization with a listening audience totalling perhaps six people.

Following Donald Trump’s recent comments about 2nd Amendment advocates using their influence against Hillary Clinton, Dan Rather flipped out and lapsed into one of his typical liberal spasms. Jumping on his Facebook page Tuesday evening the has-been anchor proceeded to vomit his vitriolic hatred of Trump, accusing him of an assassination threat.

When he suggested that “The Second Amendment People” can stop Hillary Clinton he crossed a line with dangerous potential. By any objective analysis, this is a new low and unprecedented in the history of American presidential politics. This is no longer about policy, civility, decency or even temperament. This is a direct threat of violence against a political rival. It is not just against the norms of American politics; it raises a serious question of whether it is against the law. If any other citizen had said this about a Presidential candidate, would the Secret Service be investigating? Dan Rather, Facebook

Dan Rather no longer needs or cares to pretend that he is, to quote Fox News, “Fair and balanced.” He jumped off the Grand Canyon of integrity and has been in free-fall ever since.

Rather’s worn out, old-line Marxist media reporting has made him the comfortable bedfellow of the sub-standard news reporting at MSNBC. Of course, he should be comfortable there with Brian Williams (another renown liar), Rachel Maddow (acidic socialist reporter) and Lawrence O’Donnell (hater of all things conservative). Rather is completely at home with the Williams, Maddow, O’Donnel, MSNBC’s unholy trinity.

Clearly, the progressive media is an avowed anti-2nd Amendment collection of hypocrites. Dan Rather is the father of media hypocrisy who continues to serve as the desperate guru of the media’s newest cast of socialist reporters.

Today, the New York Daily News teamed up with Dan Rather’s train of hypocrisy by saying, “Donald Trump must end his campaign for the White House in a reckoning with his own madness, while praying that nothing comes of his musing about an assassination of Hillary Clinton.”

It’s already clear and will become more obvious in the days ahead that the liberal media is freaking out over Trump’s candidacy.

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