Hannity: the GOP’s Stubborn and Stupid Game

Hannity is a gunslinger for conservative truth. He is fearless when exposing the sins of the Republican Party. For that, we are grateful.

Long ago fed up with the GOP’s deceptive practices and campaign lies, Sean Hannity engaged in some on-air bare-knuckled fisticuffs by naming particular Republicans who he accuses of “sabotaging” Donald Trump’s campaign.

Will they (the Republicans) be responsible for supporting Hillary Clinton’s radical left wing agenda? – Sean Hannity

Although iVoteAmerica has not endorsed Donald Trump, we do see chairs being lined up on the deck of the GOP’s Titanic miscalculations. It is coming down to the question of who conservatives want to believe and trust, Trump or the lying GOP elites who misled voters through the last two election cycles.

Name Calling

Hannity declared it was “time to name names” and rattled off a mini list of Republicans who he says are “licking their wounds” and because they will not support the GOP nominee. Hannity declared that unsupportive Republicans would be responsible for Obama’s economic policies, Obamacare, open borders, radical Islamic terrorism, liberal Justices appointed to the SCOTUS, an increase in refugees, common core education, a dilapidated military and the rest of HRC’s agenda.

Logic would seem to dictate our present reality. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are candidates for President. Please vote for your choice or as Ted Cruz said in his RNC Convention speech, “vote your conscience.”

Republican Intelligence

Stupid is a word that accurately describes the elite band of Republicans and the games they play.

Hannity used his national forum to state the truth as we have known it for years. Truly, the conservative electorate has had enough of Washington’s autocratic ways.

Hannity spanked eight Republicans by name including commentator Bill Kristol, former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Senator Susan Collins, Jeb Bush, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Lindsey Graham, and wanna be Meg Whitman.

Given the prominent progressive bias of the media, it is refreshing to hear truth proclaimed in prime time. Hannity’s courage under fire is exemplary of his long-standing commitment to constitutional conservatism.

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