Governor John Kasich is Gutted and Ripped by Jake Tapper

Governor John Kasich was gutted and ripped open by Jake Tapper, host of CNN’s State of the Union program. On Sunday, August 7, 2016, Tapper opened up the incongruous inner world of John Kasich.

When asked about Trump’s mistreatment of Senator John McCain and his lack of endorsement of the Arizona Senator, Kasich made the incredible statement, “McCain shouldn’t even have to run for Senate; he should be in the Senate as long as he wants to be.”

In the tortured mind of Governor Kasich, there are certain politicians who, as a result of their place in history and their proclaimed gravitas, should be grandfathered into political office in perpetuity. In other words, a lifetime appointment! Kasich advocates government by entitlement and fiat.

John’s statement is indeed revelatory of the mindset of career politicians, of their perception of entitlement and their sense of superiority. If Kasich had his way, politicians would be tenured bureaucrats.

Kasich advocates government by entitlement and fiat.

The interview started when Tapper referred to a Gallup Poll (we didn’t check it out) that purportedly demonstrated that the RNC Convention in Cleveland was the first time a candidate dropped in popularity, post-convention. Jake asked Kasich to respond, and his guts continued to roll out of the gaping wound, further exposing him as a phony.

The Governor’s explanation of the Gallop poll was, “People don’t want to live in a world of anger.” That is true, generally, but what Kasich is missing is that since the Revolution and the Civil Wars the electorate has never been angrier. The nation is pissed-off.

Kasich was anxious to discuss and explain his mysterious absence from the RNC Convention stating,

I didn’t go because I think it’s about manners. If I wasn’t prepared to go there and get up and endorse the nominee I just thought it was inappropriate to go into that convention hall. – Governor John Kasich

iVoteAmerica believes Kasich will eventually endorse Donald Trump. But he will do so only to save his political ass. John’s endorsement will be delivered in the carefully crafted language used by the best politicians.

John’s interview slid further downhill.

Tapper: Do you know what you are going to do when you enter the voting booth?
Kasich: “No, there’s still time…”

What in God’s name does John Kasich mean?

Like the song says, “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.” Kasich is a career politician who hides behind his brand of compassionate spirituality as the compass for his policies. His is a Caspar Milquetoast approach to governing that provides an emotional rationale for policies that allow the government to control liberty and diminish self-reliance.

During the interview, John Kasich meandered off into the immigration issue. He stated, “We have been a country where we have been able to integrate people; when they come here they want to be Americans.” John then said, “When you go to a country there’s got to be a sense you want to be in that country, not that you want to recreate your old country in that country, you have to be a citizen of where you live…”

Although the Governor proceeds to use Belgium and France as examples of poor integration practices, it sounds like he is talking about the United States of America. He declared,”they (Belgium and France) have to figure out how to integrate these populations; How do we do it, I’m not quite sure?”

Does John Kasich believe that America has been successful with the integration of immigrants, especially the illegal ones?

John Kasich is so schizophrenic about immigration he leaves us bewildered.

Here is the Governor of Ohio, a man who is still seething with anger over Donald Trump’s nomination. Here is a man who chose to be AWOL from his own party’s national convention spitting out incoherent statements about immigration practices in Belgium and France. Does John believe the problem of integrating immigrants is limited to Europe? Total political confusion from a man who still thinks he should be President of the United States. John is delusional.

As with all make-believe conservatives, this interview reveals the Governor’s lack of commitment to constitutional principles.

  • No discussion about the soon pending Supreme Court Nominees
  • No insistence on shrinking the size of the explosive centralized government
  • No warnings about the ongoing loss of rights and the post-constitutional crisis
  • No call for liberty and personal property rights
  • No comments about the burgeoning welfare state, entitlement spending or the bloated bureaucracy
  • No call for a national effort to defeat radical Islamic terrorism
  • No policy statements about the granulation regulation of small business and our very lives
  • No insistence on a balanced budget
  • No outcry about our shrinking military power under Obama’s autocratic imperialism
  • No outcries about the corruption of the IRS, the EPA and the rest of the Washington’s autocratic departments
  • No demand for term limits, state’s rights or any other critical conservative issues

In the end, we see nothing but pure self. A siren of ego. There is little about us, the nation and our perils. Kasich offers no substantive solutions for the problems overwhelming us. John is a politician who, like the rest of the elites, masquerades as a conservative.

We can now peer inside John’s empty soul to see a sniveling, whining, elitist brat.

Listen to the “Who’s in Control” podcast excerpted from the John Kasich interview.

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