Plurality and unity are great ideas. In the mind of many today, e pluribus unum is fraught with dangers.

The idea of creating one monolithic culture from the mashup of multiple cultures is noble.

In the age of death by terrorism, open borders, and a blurring of national sovereignty, sane people need to question the unity out of plurality notion.

Long before 911, car bombs, and body vests loaded with explosives, America was a place where immigrants desired to come and to join in the world’s greatest experiment in democracy. Assimilation was woven into the fabric, it was expected, it was part of the American immigration policy and practice. If you came to America, you became an American.

In those days we were not a “nation of immigrants” but a “nation of citizens” who understood the American dream, the value of the US Constitution, saluting the flag and singing our national anthem.

If these ideas are not altogether mocked, they are certainly and undeniably ridiculed by the progressive left. Being hell-bent on the permanent modification of demographic, we have lowered not only the expectations of a citizen but the requisite obligations of every immigrant.