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Trump’s Four Pillars of Immigration

With the sole exception of what I will call “Trump’s Four Pillars of Immigration,” and his hell-bent determination to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure, all of my conservative colleagues have labeled the 2018 State of the Union speech historic. Mark Levin was complementary calling the speech “Reaganesque.” The POTUS laid out his immigration doctrine on Tuesday, January 30, 2018, using a 4-pillars analogy. Let’s unbox this puppy and see what’s hidden between the lines. Upon close inspection, there are issues withTrump’s pillars. As is the case with the policies of Big Government, the demons reside within the details that...

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Trump Wins More Than Tax Reform

Tax Reform is Truly a Significant Accomplish for POTUS. Congress Working with this President Signals Change The liberal media has spent 11 months berating President Donald Trump for his legislative failures. Several bites at the health care apple seemed to reinforce the notion that POTUS could not mount a successful legislative track record despite his control of all three branches of government. A GOP controlled Congress finally delivered Donald Trump a big win by the passage of what promises to be the largest tax reform bill in 40 years. This is one of the most important pieces of legislation...

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Components of Trump’s Middle East Doctrine

Donald Trump does not like to mess with people or problems. When it comes to the Middle East, a historic multi-millennial struggle between Arabs and Arabs and Arabs and Jews, the President is short and to the point. The Saudi’s, Israelis and the Palestinians are finding the new President to be a formidable negotiator and forceful ally who has a take-no-prisoners approach to his Middle East Doctrine. The Trump Middle East Doctrine can be summed up in as a simple five component approach. 1. THE GOLDEN RULE When it comes to making rules, Trump’s foreign policy will be guided...

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Welcome from Reed Ferguson

iVoteAmerica Reed FergusonGreetings from iVoteAmerica!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to our amazing new media network dedicated to identifying principled conservatives running for elected office nation-wide.

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