Each year, the major branches of our government gather together to take stock of themselves and to inform the citizenry of the State of the Union. The Executive Branch of our government is charged with the delivery of an assessment of America’s health and to set forth new objectives for the future.

It’s the only meeting that brings together the three branches of the American government, along with the military, and Cabinet Secretaries. It’s a time for the President of the United States to issue an annual report to “we the people.” It’s a verbal report card, situational awareness analysis, and goal setting meeting.

This is the one time Democrat and Republican leaders are brought together in a single room to take stock of the nation’s health. It’s supposed to be a solemn, respectful and contemplative annual anniversary celebration. Like all wedding anniversaries, the State of the Union is a time to assess the nation’s marriage, express appreciation, renew vows and pledge our loyalty to the relationship and its future.

Could you imagine how long a marriage anniversary celebration would last if it were riddled with the same level of booing and hissing we witnessed on January 30, 2018?

What we witnessed during the State of the Union speech was the evidence that indeed this is a marriage gone bad. So bad, that one side (the Democrats) could not have cared less about the spectacle it created and how it all looked to the watching public.

Democrats are not satisfied with their single digit approval ratings. They decided to erode what little marital confidence remained by introducing a new tactic into the celebration, booing, and hissing.

To further enhance the erosion of the relationship, the Democrats sat on their hands and introduced a range of facial and body contortions as oppositional weapons designed to show contempt and disgust for the President and his plans for the nation.

Welcome to the first anniversary of the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.  A match made in heaven and experienced in a reality show known as a joint session of Congress.

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech provided Democrats a new platform for airing their disgust. A chance to express their seething hatred of marriage and all things Trump, including America. I was clear, they want a divorce.

The left is adept at stomping its feet, whining and moaning, all designed to get attention. Much like a teen forced to spend time with parents, the Senate and House Democrats let it be known, “we’re angry about this gathering, and what you are saying…we’re angry with you, Mr. President.”

Taking their cue from the Washington Democrat establishment, there is a large segment of American society engaged in perpetual booing and hissing of all things conservative, traditional, and patriotic. The Women’s March, the NFL, and our socialist universities and their professors have all adopted booing and hissing as a mechanism for thwarting the delivery of any conservative message, from any source.

Democrats have become socialist brats trafficking in issues that allow them to engage in race-baiting, fake gender inequality, the plight of women and the fictional cultural abuses of wealthy white males running greedy corporations.

Of all the reactions to the President’s State of the Union Speech, none was more revealing than the left’s full-on booing and hissing of the President’s statements about patriotism, the flag, and the respectful way we should place our hands over our hearts during the National Anthem. Boos and hissing!

The chant “USA, USA, USA” offered up by Republicans during the President’s remarks, prompted Representative Luis Vicente Gutiérrez (D-IL) to storm out of Congress in protest. What exactly was he protesting? Was he expecting, “Viva Mexico, Viva Mexico, Viva Mexico?”

The adoption of booing, hissing, and stomping out is a reflection of the painful reality and depth of America’s divisions. The irreverence displayed by the Democrats during the State of the Unions is disconcerting and should forewarn us that we are losing our grip on personal and collective virtue. We’re losing our marriage.

Slumping in one’s seat, playing video games, the demonstrated lack of focus, facial contortions, and nodding off to sleep are all forms of booing and hissing. They make a mockery out of what should be solemn event.

During the State of the Union speech, we were treated to extreme facial and body language messaging, coupled with guttural moans and groans all combined in an angry protest, not unlike we expect from a 2-year-old collapsing on the floor, screaming and flopping about in a fit of protest.

Those who are booing and hissing Donald Trump are the same infantile personalities who belittle our history, culture, and values, even at times our Constitution. These are the small, selfish and pitied men and women who have lost their decency and patriotic loyalties.

Welcome to the booing and hissing of America. Welcome to a marriage gone bad.

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