Author: Reed Ferguson

The World Hates the Jews

“So, is Israel, like, a fake country?” A preposterous question? Or common thought? A few weeks before the drama with the Trump administration formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital broke out, a friend confronted me with this question. It wasn’t meant to be malicious. It was, rather, a reflection of common opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly among the American and European Left. Most people don’t know much about the conflict. They hear about the Israeli “occupation” of “Palestine” on the news. The evil Israeli Defense Forces murder Palestinian children in Gaza and shoots innocent Palestinian civilians. Palestinians live...

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Modern Feminism Is Just a Mask for Leftism

Feminists stand for women, right? All women, regardless of that woman’s skin color, country of origin, or even her/his biological sex. However – and remember this because it’s tricky – if you are, in fact, a biological female but you do not agree with the core doctrine of the furthest left wing of the Democratic Party, you aren’t a “real” woman. In fact, you’re anti-woman. When the Women’s March organized its first protest in Washington, D.C. following President Trump’s inauguration, a pro-life feminist group was ousted from its partnership with the left-wing organization after it received backlash from several...

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The Libertarian Party Is Wrong on Abortion

I used to hold Tomi Lahren’s view on abortion. My previous position was: “Conservatives are hypocrites for believing in limited government but restricting a woman’s freedom to control her own body!” Like Tomi, I never considered myself a Libertarian—just a “social liberal”—, but looking back on it, my beliefs lined up fairly well with the Libertarian Party platform. My mantra was, “I don’t care what you do with your life, as long as you don’t screw with mine.” I still believe in that principle. I am a libertarian, after all. But, just to slap the Libertarian Party in the...

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