5 Reasons the Election Settles Nothing

iVoteAmerica Clinton VS TrumpTrump versus Clinton, 2016, settles nothing.

This election is fraught with public anxiety and concerns over the future effectiveness of each candidate.

At its core, the election angst is about our collective despair over the unsolved issues facing America and the lack of performance from Washington.

We have no real assurance or evidence that the bureaucracy and career politicians can solve the great issues of our day.

The truth is, Washington has proven to all of us that it is both incapable of exercising principled leadership.

The reasons the election settles nothing have largely to do with five important realities that are not going to change during Hillary’s first term as President.

1. The Election will Not Change the Incapacity of a Paralyzed GOP

iVoteAmerica GOP Elephant LogoRegardless of the outcome, this election will not cure the incapacity of a paralyzed GOP. They have not, and it appears they will not stand up to the real and measurable movement away from this unconstitutional government.

The Republican leadership exemplified in Paul Ryan (House), and Mitch McConnell (Senate) will serve only to highlight the incapacity of the federal machine to move the nation toward real solutions. There are no longer many differences in the leadership styles between the Parties, EXCEPT that the GOP, unlike the DNC, is not entirely dedicated to producing outcomes.

Can the GOP, regardless of who the President is, focus on the central purpose of shrinking the size and influence of centralized government, controlling spending, building a stronger military and returning money to Americans. After Hillary’s election, assuming she wins and if she wins, we can expect business as usual with the Dems out-thinking and out-performing the GOP.

2. This Election will not Restore Constitutional Justice to America

iVoteAmerica Antonin ScaliaThis election does not repair our need for a constitutional SCOTUS; it deepens the crisis. If Hillary Clinton is elected, she needs but one liberal Justice to immediately reposition the Court for several decades.

It is likely that there will be at least one more appointment during the first term of the next President and if so, the liberal court will extend itself 40 years. A third liberal appointment to the Court will create another century of impact for Roe v. Wade and the perpetuation of a socially motivated judiciary at every level.

This election, like no other in recent memory will change the SCOTUS, creating an originalist Court or the alternative, an activist, legislative Court. There are currently more than 100 federal appointments backed up, waiting for a new President.

We can be confident that HRC will flood the judicial system with Justices who are clones of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The loss of our most respected Jurist, Antonin Scalia, paves the way for a complete make-over of the Judiciary.

3. You Can Forget Real Disease, Obamacare is Going to Kill You

iVoteAmerica Obamacare will Kill YouOur best chance to reverse the crippling effects of Obamacare on the healthcare system and working Americans will not come through Hillary Clinton. Since the 1970’s Clinton has been fully committed to big government controlling health care.

The Affordable Care Act was a hard left turn in the annals of legislation. The Republicans, while campaigning on the promise (lies) of an immediate repeal, collapsed under the weight of public criticism and fully funded Obama’s historic legislation. The enormous and destructive effects of Obama’s health care program continue to ripple through the American economy unabated.

Premiums and deductibles are up 40-70%, and the major carriers have walked off the job. Add to this the economic impact the retirement of 10,000 Baby Boomers per day is going to have on the solvency of Social Security and Medicare and we have economic tyranny.

Obama’s promises of $2,500 reductions in annual health care costs per family, together with the serial lies that told us we could keep our doctors and our plans, looms large in the consciousness of Americans as the biggest hoax in legislative history.

4. The Unfettered Flow and Cost of Illegal Immigration

iVoteAmerica Francisco Sanchez KillerThe inauguration of HRC will perpetuate and perhaps accelerate the immigration countless constitutional abuses of Executive Branch. Through the strategic use of illegal immigration, the Democrats have succeeded in their quest to transform the demographic profile of the electorate.

It is the stated objective of Hillary Clinton to create a western hemisphere with “open borders.” The care and feeding of illegals have been taking a massive toll on the financial stability of American workers, families and state services.

Visa overstays, criminal illegals, refugees and sanctuary cities are combining in a way that will assuredly create economic and social stress. With Republicans in control of Congress, we can expect President Clinton to take steps to unilaterally bypass all legislative authority to encourage more illegal immigration and to protect from deportation those who are here illegally.

There will be no passage of Kate’s Law under Hillary Clinton, and illegal, convicted immigrants will continue their historical rampage with little consequence. Sanctuary cities will not only increase in number, their unconstitutional positions will be ignored.

5. How Does $20,000,000,000,000 in Debt Look to You?

iVoteAmerica Crying Baby Owes $59,000Absent a Trump election miracle followed by legislative success, the national debt will continue to skyrocket. Washington does not respect the American worker and has created a monument to self-perpetuation, power, and financial greed.

Hillary Clinton will extend the Obama abuses of Executive power and call for corporations and high-income individuals to pay “their fair share.” More American companies will seek financial relief through overseas opportunities. The tax revenue derived from an expanding labor force and the massive investment of corporate capital will remain elusive.

The government thinks it owns us, when in fact, we own it. The percent of debt-to-GDP is above 70%.

Borrowing and printing fake money provides a temporary band-aid but eventually the wound will open, and our economic lifeblood will flow into the streets. It remains likely that the economy will recede further and if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, the stock market will assuredly adjust downward.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States of America, her election will settle nothing, and we will continue to slide further into tyranny.

Should Donald Trump prevail in November, his leadership style can only prevail if coupled with a conservative agenda endorsed by Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. That is asking a lot, maybe more than can possibly be delivered.

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